Star Wars - CushionsThere once was a star-studded war, which was frantic, painful, and hard to ignore. But then, one night, to everyone's, delight, this war transformed into a plush whore. Want to know more? Then please check out the following Star Wars knitting book that’s now in store! Please enjoy.

Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy - Three Images

Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy - Book
Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy

Author: Tanis Gray
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781911663577
Publisher: Pavilion Books
Date of Release: January the 26th, 2021
Price: £22.99
Size: 253x200mm
Number of Pages: 208 pages

Synopsis: This visual guide aims to teach people how to knit over 25 different items that are fashioned after the characters, vehicles, weapons, and institutions featured in the ever-popular 'Star Wars' franchise. This includes things like...

  • Toys - Porg / Pocket Yoda / Chewie / Death Star
  • Costume Replicas - Luke Skywalker’s flight jacket / Rey’s waistcoat and arm wraps / Princess Leia’s Hoth Snow gilet / Padm√©’s battle wrap
  • Inspired Apparel - The Order of the Jedi pullover / Ewok hood / Starfighter scarf / Lightsaber socks / TIE Fighter hat and mittens / The Millennium Falcon cowl / A galaxy far, far away mittens / Chancellor Palpatine scarf / General Leia Organa pullover / Anakin’s infinity cowl / Yoda mittens / The Rebel Alliance shawl / R2-D2 mittens / Wookiee socks / Darth Vader pullover / Darth Maul mittens / Clone Trooper hat 
  • Home Decor - BB-8 baby blanket / Droid throw pillow set / Villainous mini pullover ornaments

Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy - Cute
So who might enjoy reading this book? 
People who can knit and fans of the franchise.
Do you need to know anything about knitting before picking up this book? Well, it would help. But then again, practice makes perfect.
What are the instructions like? Overall, I'd say they were pretty straightforward to follow because they tell you what's needed and then show you what you have to do, step, by step, by step. So, in many ways, you get the best of both worlds, both visually and contextually.
Who's the author? Tanis Gray is an author from Fairfax, Virginia, who throughout the years, has worked for a number of notable organizations, such as 'Vogue Knitting', 'HBO', and 'Focus Features'. She's also been a regular guest on 'Knitting Daily TV' and written several books on the subject.
What books? Well, to name but a few, some of the book's Tanis has written, include, 'Gradient Knits', 'Cozy Knits', 'Knit Local', 'Harry Potter Knitting Magic', 'Wanderlust', and '3 Skeins or Less'. In addition to this, she also has over 500 knitting designs published.
What’s your favorite design and why? My top pick would have to be the 'Ewok hood' because it keeps the head warm in cold weather and looks, really, really cute.

'Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy' by Tanis Gray is published by Pavilion. Photographs by Tyler Chartier.

Now for further information on 'Star Wars: Knitting the Galaxy', please feel free to check out the official Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages for Pavilion Books. Or better yet, why not pick up a copy via Amazon

STAR WARS: KNITTING THE GALAXY STAR WARS: KNITTING THE GALAXY Reviewed by David Andrews on January 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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