Joker versus ThanosSince the late 1930s, superheroes of all different shapes and sizes have been able to cross from one source of media to another. Well, in the beginning, they mainly appeared on the humble, printed page, until some of them got a bit more exposure and swiftly moved into radio, television, and a variety of eclectic video games, all the while evolving with the times. But then, once the entire world finally knew about this cast of captivating comic book characters, KA-POW, a lot of them quickly jumped onto the silver screen with one hell of a humongous BANG! In fact, so many are seen on screen, ranging from those who inhabit the MCU all the way to their counterparts in the DC Universe, that my mates over at onlinecasinos.co.uk have decided to find out which ones come out on top (in the cinemas, at least).

In order to do this, though, they first had to compile and then sort through relevant information based on the following four factors: 
  1. Audience Rating: According to IMDb.
  2. Critic Rating: According to Metacritic.
  3. Total Worldwide Gross: Again, according to IMDb, and then adjusted for inflation.
  4. Annual Search Volume: According to statistics gathered by Google Ads Keyword Planner between November, 2019, and October, 2020.
What now follows are two top 10 lists that rank the most popular superhero movies and the most popular comic book publishers (based on an overall score determined by the aforementioned factors). So go on, shoo, check them out, and then let me know what you think in the comment section below.




If you want to have a look at the full findings, then please click here for further information. Otherwise, why not pay a visit to onlinecasinos.co.uk to see what else they have up their sleeve.

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