Bernie Sanders - CoverThere once was a politician called Bernie, who had a personality that was both gruff and surly. So to change his disposition, he quickly realigned his socialist position, until he eventually turned into Elizabeth Hurley. Want to know more? Then please check out the following comic book now in store! Or to be more specific about it…

… the Bernie Sanders comic book, recently published by TidalWave Comics. Well, over the last few years, those lovable goons at TidalWave have come up with a number of comic book biographies that feature such politicians as Joe, Kamala, and AOC (click on the respective links for a sneak peek). So now, they’ve decided to add another one to their list. Another one focused on Bernie. It was written and illustrated by Joe Paradise, and if you so wish, ready for you to check out below. So go ahead, have a look, and let us know what you think in the comment section provided.

Bernie Sanders - 1

Bernie Sanders - 2

Bernie Sanders - 3

Bernie Sanders - 4

To see what happens next, please feel free to check out the official TidalWave Comics Website, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Or better yet, why not pick up a copy of 'Political Power: Bernie Sanders' via ComiXology!

BERNIE SANDERS - A FOUR PAGE PREVIEW BERNIE SANDERS - A FOUR PAGE PREVIEW Reviewed by David Andrews on March 22, 2021 Rating: 5

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