Who Owns The Moon? - CoverWho owns the moon? A monkey? An ape? Or a baboon? Well, whoever claims possession, get ready for a recession, or at the very least, a comic book created by a loon. Two loons, to be more precise: Dawn Brown (the writer) and Jorge Pavajeau (the artist), who I collectively refer to as those lovely, lovely, people, that kindly allow me to share their latest comics.

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You see, over the last few years, both Dawn and Jorge have given me permission to show you some of their spectacular stories. Complete stories, I hasten to add, which have always been bold, imaginative, and full of fun and fascinating facts, such as ‘Cyberpunks’, for instance, and ‘Champion of the Pines’ (click on the respective links to check them out). So, to get you in the mood for this one, I thought it would be a jolly good idea to present you with a fun fact of my own.

Well, did you know that the word ‘moon’ derives from two Latin words first spoken during medieval times? The first word is pronounced ‘metri’, which means, ‘to measure’, while the second word is pronounced ‘mensis’, which means, ‘month’. Or as they were once jointly translated into old, medieval, English, ‘mōna’. Not as in ‘Lisa’. But as in a term used to describe how the moon's position in the sky can ‘measure [the passing of] the months’. You got that? Good! So let’s begin…

Who Owns The Moon - 1

Who Owns The Moon - 2

Who Owns The Moon - 3

Who Owns The Moon - 4

Who Owns The Moon - 5

Who Owns The Moon - 6

Who Owns The Moon - 7

Who Owns The Moon - 8

Who Owns The Moon - 9

Who Owns The Moon - 10

Who Owns The Moon - 11

Who Owns The Moon - 12

Who Owns The Moon - 13

Who Owns The Moon - 14

Who Owns The Moon - 15

Who Owns The Moon - 16

To see what else Dawn and Jorge have up their sleeves, please feel free to check out their respective websites: sterlingcomicbooks.com for Dawn and whitemoongraphics.com for Jorge. So go ahead, shoo, pay them a visit, and treat yourself to an alternate look at life.

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