Music ArtNot so long ago, I wrote two articles that showcased some of the celebrities who've dabbled in the field of art (click here or here for a sneak peek). So, to continue with this trend, I've decided to write another one focused on five musicians who've been known to paint as well as perform. Please enjoy.

David Bowie
David Bowie

Date of birth: January 8, 1947
Place of birth: London, England
Musical genres: Rock, pop, and experimental
Years active in the industry: From 1962 to 2016
Some of their popular songs: Space Oddity (1969), Under Pressure (1981), and Life on Mars? (1971)
Association with art: David Bowie was an avid artist for the vast majority of his life, and even studied art, music, and design at a college in London before he became famous. Or to be more specific about it, Croydon College, who paid tribute to David's impact on the world of music, fashion, and art in January, 2016.
Style of art: German expressionism, avant-garde, and self-portraitures.

Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks

Date of birth: May 26, 1948
Place of birth: Arizona, U.S.
Musical genres: Rock
Years active in the industry: From 1966 to the present day
Some of their popular songs: Dreams (1977), Edge of Seventeen (1982), and The Chain (1977)
Association with art: In an interview she gave to 'Off the Record', Stevie Nicks said, 'I started to draw pictures when my best friend contracted leukemia because I wanted her to see something when I wasn't there. They were mainly pictures of angels, which funnily enough, is what she now is. Bless her'.
Style of art: Caricatures and freehand illustrations.

Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

Date of birth: February 20, 1967
Place of birth: Washington, U.S.
Musical genres: Grunge and alternative rock
Years active in the industry: From 1982 to 1994
Some of their popular songs: Smells Like Teen Spirit (1991), Come as You Are (1992), and About a Girl (1989)
Association with art: According to one of Kurt's girlfriends, Tracy Marander, Kurt would often paint pictures that would depict a deformed human frame or something very, very decrepit, which she thought was his way of illustrating how he felt about his own physique and temperament. Heck, he once wrangled a collection of diseased 'body parts' in order to form them into a morbid sculpture.
Style of art: Baroque, avant-garde, and surreal.

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

Date of birth: May 24, 1941
Place of birth: Minnesota, U.S.
Musical genres: Folk, blues, rock, gospel, pop, and jazz
Years active in the industry: From 1961 to the present day
Some of their popular songs: Like a Rolling Stone (1965), Tangled Up in Blue (1975), and Blowin` in the Wind (1963)
Association with art: Bob Dylan's artwork was first seen on the cover of The Band's 1968 album, 'Music from Big Pink', and since then, he's written several books on the subject and had his work exhibited in a number of art galleries around the world.
Style of art: Surreal, bold, and minimalistic.

Miles Davis
Miles Davis

Date of birth: May 26, 1926
Place of birth: Illinois, U.S.
Musical genres: Jazz
Years active in the industry: From 1944 to 1991
Some of their popular songs: So What (1959), All Blues (1959), and Blue in Green (1959)
Association with art: In 1972, Miles Davis was badly injured in a car accident and had to temporarily leave the music industry so he could recuperate from his injuries. Now, during this period, Miles decided to keep himself busy by painting pictures, which eventually helped him both mentally and therapeutically.
Style of art: Bright, vivid, and sometimes incorporates geometric shapes or tribal iconography.

Now please stay tuned for my next installment of 'Artistic Celebrities', which will also feature another list of famous artisans from a specific genre.


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