Home Free - CoverIn November, 2021, I had the good fortune to speak with John Kratky about his five-part comic book adventure, 'Home Free', which tells the tale of two women who attempt to escape from their past by taking a rather unconventional road trip across America. But if you missed our conversation, don't worry, because you can check it out by clicking here. Otherwise, you can just go with the flow and dive into the following preview John kindly allowed me to share. It was written by John and illustrated by his frequent collaborator, Michelle Lodge. Please enjoy.

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Home Free - 1

Home Free - 2

Home Free - 3

Home Free - 4

Home Free - 5

To see what happens next, please feel free to check out John or Michelle's official Website to find out where you can pick up a copy of 'Home Free'. Or alternatively, you can follow them on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

HOME FREE - A FIVE PAGE PREVIEW HOME FREE - A FIVE PAGE PREVIEW Reviewed by David Andrews on December 27, 2021 Rating: 5

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