Dorian Gray - Cover 1In 1890, the author, Oscar Wilde, created a hedonistic character who was so obsessed with his own appearance, that he was willing to sell his soul in order to preserve the way he looks. Oscar called his character, Dorian Gray, and since his release, he's become so popular, that over the years Dorian has appeared in a number of films, TV shows, and of course, comic books.

forbidden planet

Now, to see an example of Dorian's comic book adventures, TidalWave Comics have kindly allowed me to share extracts from two of their mini-series that chronicle his exploits. The first one's called, 'Dorian Gray: Beneath the Canvas', which you can check out by clicking either here or here. Whereas the second one's simply called, 'Dorian Gray', which can be found down below ๐Ÿ‘‡. It was written by Darren G. Davis and Scott Davis, and it was illustrated by Vittorio Garofoli and Federico De Luca. Enjoy.

Dorian Gray - 1

Dorian Gray - 2

Dorian Gray - 3

Dorian Gray - 4

Dorian Gray - 5

To see what happens next, please feel free to come back next week for part two, or alternatively, you can check out TidalWave Comics on their official Website, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Better yet, why not pick up a copy of 'Dorian Gray: Collected Edition' via the Comic Flea Market!

DORIAN GRAY (PART ONE) - A FIVE PAGE PREVIEW DORIAN GRAY (PART ONE) - A FIVE PAGE PREVIEW Reviewed by David Andrews on April 29, 2022 Rating: 5

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