Shockheaded Peter - CoverThere once was a strange man named Peter, who befriended a girl with the intent to mistreat her. But she soon figured out his plan. A plan that would transform her into some sort of flan. So afterwards, he could scoop her up and eat her. Want to know more? Then please check out the following ghoulish graphic novel now in store.

Forbidden planet

It's called, 'Shockheaded Peter', and it's the first part of a three-part series of graphic novels that chronicles the rather alarming exploits of a strange, sinister being, aptly named, Shockheaded Peter. This story also stars a teenage girl named Ruby, who, despite having an actual broken heart, has the desire to join Peter's disturbing crusade. Or should I say, Peter's macabre game of cat and mouse? Either way, their adventure begins when he arrives in the small town where Ruby lives, called Winding Springs, and sets in motion a dastardly scheme that has terrible consequences for all of the malicious townsfolk. Here 👇, have a look at the preview below for a sneak peek at this tantalizing tale.

Shockheaded Peter - 1

Shockheaded Peter - 2

Shockheaded Peter - 3

Shockheaded Peter - 4

Shockheaded Peter - 5

Shockheaded Peter - 6

Shockheaded Peter - 7

Shockheaded Peter - 8

Shockheaded Peter - Covers

Shockheaded Peter - Anim

'Shockheaded Peter' is a 58-page graphic novel that's written by E.B. Kogan and Jessica Silvetti, illustrated by Giuseppe Sabé di Stefano, and is available in both a digital and a physical format. A variety of variant covers are also available, along with an assortment of associated paraphernalia that flowed out of this sinister story's initial Kickstarter campaign. For further information, please feel free to visit the official website.

SHOCKHEADED PETER (PREVIEW) SHOCKHEADED PETER (PREVIEW) Reviewed by David Andrews on November 21, 2022 Rating: 5

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