Joe Frankenstein: Part One - Cover There once was a guy named Joe, who delivered pizzas to anyone with the dough. But little did he know, he was being protected by some schmoe, who's scarier than a story by Edgar Allan Poe. Want to know more? Then please check out the following adventure that's now in store.

Forbidden planet

It's called, 'Joe Frankenstein: Part One', and it was written and illustrated by the same creative team who gave birth to the Batman villain, Bane. Namely, Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan.

You see, way back in 2015, these two talented men teamed up with IDW Publishing in order to devise an action-packed, four-issue comic book series starring their reinterpretation of Mary Shelley's classic monster. But since then, Chuck and Graham's series has been missing in action, so to speak, until Graham decided to bring it back, courtesy of his privately owned publishing house, Compass Comics.

'Joe Frankenstein: Part One' contains the first two issues of the aforementioned series, along with an exclusive ten-page prologue and behind-the-scenes sketches and layouts. The second part, on the other hand, will be released in the foreseeable future. But before then, please have a look at the subsequent preview Graham kindly allowed me to share. Enjoy.

Joe Frankenstein - 1

Joe Frankenstein - 2

Joe Frankenstein - 3

Joe Frankenstein - 4

Joe Frankenstein - 5

Joe Frankenstein - 6

Joe Frankenstein - 7

Joe Frankenstein - 8

Joe Frankenstein - end

'Joe Frankenstein: Part One' is a 72-page collection written by Graham Nolan and Chuck Dixon, illustrated by Graham Nolan, and published by Compass Comics. For further information, please feel free to click here to check out Graham's Indiegogo campaign. Or alternatively, you can have a look at some of Graham's other work via his official Website, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

JOE FRANKENSTEIN: PART ONE (PREVIEW) JOE FRANKENSTEIN: PART ONE (PREVIEW) Reviewed by David Andrews on April 24, 2023 Rating: 5

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