• DC: February 2011 - $3.99

Drugged – outnumbered – and with the odds against him, Dick (Batman) Grayson manages to scramble away from the nefarious clutches of Guiborg and his drug crazed fellow auctioneers, by focusing his mind back to his parents, and the advice they have given him. However, sometime later, whilst Dick is recuperating in bed, the side effects of the drugs he ingested come back to haunt him – making him hallucinate a dream in which his legs have been amputated and that Barbra wants to kill him.

But in reality Barbra obviously doesn’t want to kill him, instead, once Dick comes to, she informs him that Guiborg is leaving on a jet plane (blatant John Denver alert!!!) and that she has a system in place to cap Guiborg bank accounts and halt him at the other end. Dick is not having this thoe, and without any further ado, he suits up in a high-tech Bat-armour, and takes a plane to pursuit Guiborg. Through sheer determination Batman catches up with him – overcomes any defences – takes out any guards – and then glides onto Guiborg’s plane for a one on one. But when he does, Guiborg turns into a monster, one Batman is able to overpower, thoe not capture, as Guiborg eludes escape when his plane unexpectedly blows up.

I want more! That’s my only quibble with this issue of Detective Comics, I WANT BLOODY MORE!!!! Ahem, to elaborate, I really do enjoy the current creative team’s efforts behind this book, as both Snyder’s script and Jock’s pencils mesh really well together, the likes I have not seen since Norm Breyfogle and Alan Grant. I especially like the way that each issue, even thoe similar in tone and style, presents a different aspect of Dick Grayson’s character, augmenting what has come before by placing it onto a different template. OK, I know that what I just said sounds kind of mechanical (kind of?), but what I am trying to say is that for years we have heard about Dick and his relationship with his parents, but what we haven’t heard is how he uses this knowledge to help him escape from a situation.

Ohhh? One minute? I think there was a story once? Bugger!!!! Never mind that anyway, what I am trying to say – but failing at miserably – is that Dick’s Batman in Detective Comics is really the way he ‘Dick’ has to be portrayed. And not like some other titles I care to mention, where he seems more like Punch-Bag Man rather than Batman. Remember, Dick is a competent character, and his only fault, if any, is that he has such a bold icon as a mentor – one he’s trying to complement in his own Carney way. Please keep it up Snyder and Jock, your making Detective Comics one of the best Bat Books on the market.

P.S. Where did the back-up feature go?