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HULK #29

It’s the team-up that we was all looking forward to - Rulk and Hulk – both battling there way across Monster Island, to thwart the ‘scorched earth directive’. This installment was brought to you by Writer: Jeff Parker; Artist: Gabriel Hardmam; and Published by Marvel Comics on February 2011.

Monster Island – and a de-powered Thunderbolt Ross is smack dab in the middle of a world of trouble. Surrounded by monsters, he can only defend himself with his gumption and willpower, that is, until the Hulk teleports into the vicinity to aide him with this plight. Firstly, Hulk advertently goad’s Ross to recharge back into the Rulk (or Red Hulk if you prefer). Secondly, both Hulk and Rulk manages to shield ABomb from a horde of monsters, thankfully burning the lesions from inside his bulky frame in the process. And thirdly, they all set off (with ABomb still the worse for wear), and infiltrate MORDOK’s ‘scorched earth directive’. Over time, both Hulk and Rulk smash, bash, and trash this sheltered dwelling – overpowering the droids – destroying the equipment – before Rulk absorbs MORDOK’s replacement brain, allowing this directive to be no more. Little known to them at the time thoe, is that somewhere else, within an undisclosed location, MORDOK SUPERIOR rises from the ashes of the old. Meanwhile, in the back-up feature, Uatu and Uravo witness the birth of Omegex within the Red Hole of Daragalle, a powerful being that has his sights set on Earth, and the Rulk.    

Finally! The real Hulk is in the Hulk comic book! Now in my opinion this took too long in the coming, but now that it’s here, what do I think about it? HULK SMASH!!!!! That means that I like it. And not only that – but the current creative team of Parker and Hardman are starting to grow on me too. At last it appears that they are starting to hit their stride, really picking up the pace in both art and plot, making this the first issue of Hulk that I’ve really enjoyed in a long time. In particular, I enjoyed the dynamic between Rulk (silly name) and Hulk. This fractured pair makes a very intriguing team, both enemies for a long time now, and both having to work together to survive. The only this I can compare this to, is if the Joker started to work with Batman, DC SMASH!!!!! Please keep both Hulks on this book for the time being, and have ABomb act as a roguish patsy to counter-act to Bruce’s intelligence and Ross’s gung-ho attitude. Well, this is what I like to see – character – because this is something that has been sorely needed for quite some time now. However, I wish the same can be said for the back-up feature, as the adventure of Uatu (sillier name) is as bland as paper dipped in a puddle of milk. Still, all in all, a fight back to greatness for this title, RULK SMASH!

HULK #29 HULK #29 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on February 21, 2011 Rating: 5
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