The 5.1 is mearly a marketing ploy by Marvel to get you to buy this issue, but the content within is well worth it – Wolverines birty Party. This instalment is brought to you by Writer: Jason Aaron; Artist: Renato Guedes; and Published by Marvel Comics in January 2001.

It’s Wolverines Birthday, YEAHHH! And Wolverine is nowhere to be seen, BOOOO! That is because, by chance, he is hot on the scent of an injured lorry driver who has been shanghaied by two unknown assassins. At he same time thoe, Wolverine’s girlfriend – Melita – has arranged for a surprise Birthday for him at there rustic shack situated in the Canadian wilderness. In attendance are a shed load of heroes, such as Captain America, The Thing, Ms Marvel, not Spiderman, and many, many more. However, does Wolvie manage to get to this shindig on time? Well, he tries! Because unfortunately, after a while, Wolverine turns from the hunter to the captive, as one of the unknown assassins which shanghaied the lorry driver has managed to get his hands on him too, and then takes him back to his brothers abode to eat. That’s right, I said eat! These two cannibals go by the name of the Buzzard Brothers, and, in haste, they both try to chow down on the lorry drivers and Wolverines meaty substances. Obviously, Wolverine has something to say against this, and in no time at all, beat’s the brother bandy, and then carts them off to the police station. And I suppose, the real question next is, does he get to his party on time? Hmmm? Yes and no.

I have to say that when I first picked up this issue, I was somewhat reluctant in purchasing it. “Why 5.1?” I exclaimed, as was this just another one of Marvel ambidextrous marketing ploys to get a bit more cash out of their readers? And even thoe in essence I still think that this to be true, all in all I am happy that I purchased this issue because it is really FUN! That’s right... ‘FUN!’. It tells of two parallel tales – the first of which is an adventure that takes Wolverine upon a cannibalistic jamboree – and the second of which is a more blatant take of a super-hero shindig. And I have to confess, that both story stands really are enjoyable to read. The artwork is quirky – the storyline is amusing – the characterisation is spot on – and in it’s entirety I cannot fault this issue apart from its stupid numbering system. Thoe, I suppose that if I was being picky about it, there is one minor quibble. It’s just as story which continues from the whole ‘Wolverine in Hell’ story arc, maybe the overall tone of this issue is a mite too happy. But as I just said, this is only a minor quibble, and on it’s own, Wolverine 5.1, is a smashing read, and highly recommended to those who, like me, are somewhat reluctant to purchase it.