Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Cover Yeah baby, yeah! I’m back! And I have a back too! Ohhhhh... hairy. Just as hairy as the thingsI get up to in this, my second major movie. But not as hairy as Director: Jay Roach; or Actors: Mike Myers, Heather Graham, Robert Wagner, Seth Green, Rob Lowe, Mindy Sterling, and Will Ferrell. We started having a bit of how’s your father in 1999, and it lasted for a whole 95 minutes. World Record Baby!

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

They’re back! Top secret British spy, Austin Powers (Mike Myers), and his arch nemesis, Dr. Evil (Mike again), have both returned to us once more - literally speaking of course.

You see, whilst Austin is in the process of laying on his back for King and country, attempting to ‘stup’ a Russian model in the employ of Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil, with his diminutive clone, Mini-Me, travel back to the year 1969, to get Fat Bastard (Mike yet again) to steal Austin’s ‘mojo’ from his frozen body.

Oh! And do you know what? This time travelling ploy works straight away on Austin you know, prompting him to likewise travel back in time to rectify this situation as fast as he can.

Thankfully, as soon as he swings into the sixties, Austin quickly befriends’ an American agent, Felicity Shagwell (Heather Graham), and together, they overcome any obstacles which cross there respective paths. For example Dr. Evils henchmen, who attempt to kill Austin at a nightclub - or some roadside loon (Will Ferrell), who attempts to kill Austin with... err... confusion.

Meanwhile, in his secret hideaway somewhere else, Dr. Evil takes a sip of Austin’s mojo, and ‘gets it on’ with Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), before he threatens the president of the United States with ‘a lazer’ that can blow up Washing DC from his orbital ‘Death-star’.

Now news of Dr. Evil’s dastardly plan reaches Austin and Felicity in no time at all. However, during this period, I am afraid to say that Austin is preoccupied with his lack of ‘mojo’, and it is up to Felicity to find Fat Bastard, plant a tracking device up his a$$, and then follow that signal to Dr. Evils  secret hideaway.

Well, I suppose that is why what next transpires is as crazy as a convoluted time-travelling story that is very complicated to follow. As mojo is found - spies are bound - time is displaced - and evil men are disgraced.

Let's shag Jerry Springer! Yeah, baby, yeah!

Yeah baby, yeah! They have done it again! Mike Myers and his gang, have once more manages to dig there way through the gutter, and come out smelling of roses on the other side. 'Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me', like the first film (click here for review), is a wall to wall spoof paved in solid-gold. Sometimes I just can not believe how they have come up with the stuff that they have sprayed upon the screen! The comedy is relentless. The plot is insane. And the direction is as bold as a hairy man who drinks sh*t.

Sexy Heather
Well, not only has this sequel been considerably enhanced compared to its predecessor, but it also much more bodacious in its execution. Jerry Springer – silly pop references – celebrity cameos – and the word ‘magma’, all of these things are blasted to the nth degree, just to squeeze that little bit more fun onto the proceedings. And trust me dear ready, this film is fun with a capital 'FFFFF'.

Obviously, Mike Myers is the pioneer in this ploy, and is able to utilize his comedic wit and versatile mimicry skills, to do all this, plus play three different parts at the same time. Fat Bastard – Austin – and Dr. Evil – three creations that seem to come from a sitcom or something. But, yet again, are used to punctuate the puns in this picture.

Another thing that is somewhat punctuating is Heather Graham too. She’s a doll in this film, and is presented as such throughout. OK, I understand that some people may think that this is a somewhat demeaning thing for a woman to do – to flaunt all her jiggly bits on screen in such a revealing way. And for this – me – as a member of the male persuasion – I apologize. I like it, but I apologize.

Austin and Tits

Dr Evil
So, let's hear it for the filmic-facts, OK? (1) This movie made more money in its opening weekend, than the original made in it's entire theatrical run. (2) The term 'Shag' has many different meanings. In America it means 'tobacco'. In England it means 'intercourse'. And collectively it is a type of carpeting. (3) Basil's remark to the audience about ignoring the mechanics of time travel was improvised. (4) It took Mike Myers seven hours to get into the Fat Bastard body-suit. (5) This film has quite a few funny foreign translations. In Germany, it is called "Spy in the Secret Missionary Position". In Norway, it is called "The spy who ejaculated on me". In South Korea, it was called "Incorrigible 007" and "Austin Powers Zero". Plus it's working title was 'Austin Powers - The Wrath of Khan'. (6) As you may know, Dr. Evil's trademark gesture is that he holds his pinky finger up to the corner of his mouth. But did you know that the name of the muscle which extends the pinky finger is called the 'Extensor Digiti MINIMI'? (7) Rob Lowe's impression of Robert Wagner was so good, because he did once go out with one of Wagner's daughters. And (8) This is my favorite clip....

Now, what can I say to top that, huh? This is a good film and well worth the watch? No - said that already. What about God bless womankind, God bless Austin Powers – and God Save The Queen?



AUSTIN POWERS - THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME AUSTIN POWERS - THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME Reviewed by David Andrews on March 28, 2011 Rating: 5
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