Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Cover Hey baby, it's me, Austin Powers. I'm back to shag the nineties senseless as I did the sixties. Lovely. Now this shagadellic experience has been brought to you by these lovely creatures. Director: Jay Roach; and Actors: Mike Myers; Elizabeth Hurley, Micheal York; and Robert Wagner. It was shagged out on 1997, and took about 90 minutes to climax. Oh yeah!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

In the mid nineteen-sixties, two men cryogenically freeze themselves for their own particular reasons. The first man is evil mastermind, Dr. Evil (Mike Myers), just to get away from British secret agent, Austin Powers (Mike again). And the second man is that said same British secret agent, Austin, to preserve himself until Dr. Evil returns.

So guess what happens thirty years later? Correct - they're both back - ready to start their confrontation a new in the nineteen-nineties.

Obviously, society has changed auite a lot during there time away. For example, the promiscuous society has been completely abolished. And worst still, Dr Evil has a new plan for world domination - instigating a ploy to steal some nuclear weapons, and then hold the world to ransom for 'one hundred billion dollars'.

Now Austin can’t have that now, can he? So to infiltrate this nefarious scheme, Austin, plus a fellow secret agent, Vanessa Kensington (Elizabeth Hurley), travel to Los Angeles, where they set-up shop in a hotel, and attempt to investigate this matter more closely.

For a start, they both pose as a married couple, and touch base with Dr. Evils second in command, Number 2 (Robert Wagner), at a Casino. Next, Austin breaks into the abode of Number 2’s Italian secretary, Alotta Fagina, shags her, and then whips a number of photographs of Dr. Evils plans hidden within her draws. And finally, with this information at hand, Austin and Vanessa penetrate Dr. Evils headquarters, which is hidden somewhere within Virtucon industries.

Boy-oh-boy! Isn't that just great? No - not really. Austin and Vanessa are subdued by Dr. Evil’s stoic henchman, Random Task, and then placed into a death trap.


Still, I suppose that is why what next transpires is when Vanessa jumps into a cat-suit. As British forces unite - Dr Evil talks sh*te - Fembot's shoot with their tits - and Austin Powers is a hit.

Groovy Baby! Do I make you horny?

Yeah baby! Wow man, its like fab to be writing my own review don’t you know. It’s like strawberries and cream and all that malarkey. Ahem - that will be enough of that I think! Well - for now, anyway. Now, in my most humble opinion, 'Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery', is one of those films that take a slice of history, amalgamates it with another slice of history, and then come up with its’ own thing.

You see, what I mean by this, is that there are so many influences sewn into the fabric of this film, that the concoction it produces is purely unique. For a start, a lot of elements are taken from British cinema, like 'James Bond', the 'Carry On' film, with a couple of 'Michael Caine' references too. Plus, in addition to this, it is also doused with Americanism’s, with films like, 'Our Man Flint', 'The Party', 'Casino Royal' (the original version), and There Is A Girl In My Soup (please note, the last three films starred Peter Sellers).

OK, although these inspirations are apparent to a nerd like me, the implementation isn't, and is very much an entity in its own right. Personally speaking, Mike Myers transforms himself completely in the two roles he plays – with his Austin Powers a true beatnik free-loving super-spy – and his Dr. Evil an archetype that I’m sure will forever be imitated. Moreover, the overall concept does come across in a very direct fashion, and conveys a multi-colored panache with a touch of innuendo for good measure.

Elizabeth Hurley Sexy
However, if 'Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery' had a down side to it, it would have to be that the overall story does get in the way of the characters journey at times. The seemingly incidental scenes – like the 'Dr. Evil and his son' sub-plot – or 'Austin coming to terms with being a man in the nineties' scenario  – are all great little tit-bits that make this movie more than just a run of the mill spoof. But at the same time they don't have any interaction with the plot what so ever.

In fact, this makes me horny baby? Does it make you horny? Like these facts: (1) Mike Myers got a years free AOL subscription due to his plug in this film. (2) Elizabeth Hurley and Mimi Rogers  were allowed to keep their tight leather outfits after filming, by request. (3)  An early form of Mike's Austin Powers can be seen in a sketch he performed on 'Saturday Night Live'. (4) This film did have a slight set-back in the casting. Firstly, Colin Quinn was offered the role of Scott Evil, but he turned it down because he wanted to commit more time to his comedy work. Whereas actress, Brenda Bakke, turned down the role of "Mrs. Kensington" because of a schedule conflicts with the movie 'Shelter'. (5) Neil Mullarkey, who played the 'penis enlarger' guard, worked with Mike in England at the Comedy Store. (6) It was Mike's wife who suggested to him that he should have a dance scene in this flick. (7) In a interview, Mike admitted that he devised this project because he was inspired by British comic actors, Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers. And (8) You've got to love therapy...

All in all, this first installment of the Austin Powers film franchise, is as fresh as Elizabeth Hurley was back in the day. Here, check out 'The Spy Who Shagged Me' review by clicking here, and to check out 'Goldmember' please click here. Go on, I promise that it will make you Horny. YEAH-YEAH-YEAH!

THE RATING: Yeah Baby A1 OK!!!!!!

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