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The Battle for Lantern Natu is still raging thought Quard. Well, that is until Firestorm comes along for a tet-a-tet, with his fists, POW! This inadvertent guest-appearance was brought to you by Writer: Tony Bedard; Artist: Tyler Kirkham; and Published by DC Comics on March 2011.

In the midst of his own quest within the whole Brightest Day saga, Firestorm senses in deep space the White Light energy that brought him back to life. Through shear curiosity, he detours toward this beacon, only to find that it is currently being used by the Weoponer in his fight against Sinesrto – with the Quardians and a select few of the Green Lantern Corps on the one side – and the Sinestro Corps blatantly on the other.

However, the all Green Lanterns hands are tied in this battle, still due to the edict placed upon them by a unity between the spectrum of light. Thankfully, Firestorm’s hands are not tied-up at all! And before a request can be uttered, he leaps into the fray, and defends his Green allies with a, POW! Meanwhile, Sintestro notices something about the Weaponer during his battle with him – something that he likes. So he proposes to his current combatant to join him in the Sinestro Corps and leave his Quardians behind. The Weaponer accepts – the Quardians are unhappy – the Green Lanterns are relieved – and they all depart ways.

Now there are three different types of ‘guest star’ appearance in a comic book series. The first type is of the innovative variety, in which Batman teams up with someone like Marilyn Monroe (has been done) finely tuned by some innovative creator’s hand. The second type is of the cross-over variety, in which character A has to appear in characters B’s book, because character B has shown up in character A’s during the same month. Then finally there is the third type, the forced variety, in which a character appears in a comic book for no particular reason – does f*ck all – and then p*sses *ff again to whence they came. This issue of Green Lantern Corps, I am afraid to say, falls under the third type. Now I like Firestorm – I really do – but he gave this issue nothing apart from a dynamic pose, and some exposition on the Brightest Day saga. OK, this was most probably done because the ‘powers that be’ saw fit to include him just to tie together some loose strands, bringing some synergy into Green Lantern mythos. But come on, I’m sure that they could have done this in a more creative manner! Listen now, I don’t want to be too negative on Bedard and Kirkham’s current run on this title – as that have proven to me that they can make this book into a great and innovative read nigh on every month. All I am saying is that Firestorm presence in this issue was not a needed one, as the story could have played out perfectly well without him. Thoe maybe something else is a part of this strategy? Something that we, as readers, are not privy to as of yet? Lets’ hope they deliver this to us in the next couple of issues... I have faith in them. So-so issue, could have done without the obligatory ‘guest star’ thoe.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #57 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #57 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on March 18, 2011 Rating: 5
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