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Colors are a wonderful thing, aren't they. They blend in – they contrast – they interact – they enhance – and most pertinent to this installment of the Green Lantern Corps, they clash. Now do you want to know what the hell I am going on about? Then read this issue, Written by Tony Bedard; Drawn by Tyler Kirkam; and Published by DC Comics in April 2011. 

Its fight night on the planet Oa! In the Green corner is Ganthet – the corpsman Guardian. Whilst in the other Green cornered is... everybody else. Due to Krona’s edict, the possessed Green Lantern Corp has ganged up on ol’ blue head, and are now blasting him with everything they have got. Now how can he possibly survive this perpetual onslaught? Well, as luck would have it, the Crayola quartet (comprising of Hal, Guy, Kyle, and John) have replaced there green power rings with hues from the other corps, and are now on the way to help there comrade without a hand.

However, do they arrive on time to aide him? Hmm? Kind of. And the reason why I say this, is due to their own inexperience with using these new rings, they can only repel the Green Lantern Corps in accordance with their abilities – i.e. a little bit. But thankfully Ganthet is no slouch, and he manages to blast his attackers to bubble-gum, thus inadvertently paving the way for Mogo – the planet Green Lantern – to arrive. To be continued. 

Now this is the fifth instalment of ‘The War of the Green Lanterns’ and so far, they all have a number of things in common. (1) They are all very colourful. (2) They are all very bold. (3) Each segment does convey a story. (4) They possess a unified logo design. And (5) They are all very quick. Yes – its that word again – the one I keep on referring to whenever I recently read an adventure of my favourite green hued space-cops – quick. OK, I understand on some level, that each story has to be focused, and just channel a particular plot threat that will be amalgamated into the whole. But come on – FIVE MINUTES – AGAIN!!!! And I was taking my time whilst reading it too!! You could easily write the synopsis of this issue in one sentence. Here, let me show you.

“When the Earthbound GL’s reach Ganthet on the planet Oa, they witness him beat the stuffing out of the possessed Green Lantern Corps, thus paving the way for Mogo to attack”.   

See - can be done. OK, I know that there was a lot more to this issue than just that. But still, my sentence has validity in the overall arch of this issue. So – who can I blame for this pithy-ness? Kirkman? No – he is a good artist, and really draws a good battle scene. Bedard? Hmmm? Maybe – but then again, I am sure that this particular issue, was something prearranged, and not totally in his control. Johns? Why not? Let’s blame Johns and his superiors at DC for all this. However, what does this achieve us? Nish – nadda – kaput – zero-ocho – or in other words... nothing at all. As I suppose this is the type of story that would fit in very well once compiled in with the rest – and then published in Graphic Novel form of course.  But where does that leave the rest of us weekly comic book fans – teased and irritated – and wanting more from our monthly GL fix. Come on DC, we all know that you can do better, give your stories to us with more meat on their bones. Else, I would cry, SOB!


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #59 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #59 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on May 16, 2011 Rating: 5
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