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HULK #33


Do you know what has just come to mind? As Marvel has called the Red-Hulk ‘Rulk’, what would they call the Sepia-Hulk? Sulk? Is that any sort of a name for a superhero now? Come on – can you imagine being saved by the Sulk and then telling your friends about it afterwards! It’s crazy! Just as crazy as Writer: Jeff Parker; Artist: Gabriel Hardman; and Publisher: Marvel Comics. But only in June 2011

He has not slept in ages – he has a bomb in his brain that is being monitored by his archenemy, General Fortean – and he is currently ridding around in a truck accompanied by two androids (Rose and Gus) whom are trying there best to aide him. Thunderbolt (Rulk) Ross is not having a very good time of it at the moment, is he? But alas, things get a lot worse for the Rulk when decides to take a rest from this journey, and gets out of the truck to reminisce about the location in which he has just arrived at – a graveyard for planes. And why is that you may ask? Well, instructed by Zero-One, the elusive fiend, ‘the Living Nightmare’, attacks him, BANG! There battle together is long, hard, and tenuous – resulting in ‘the Nightmare’ to sulk back to his captors, and for the Rulk to be aided by Gus, before he is given the news that he is needed in space. Omegex is coming... to be continued.  

I remember some chap at a bus-top telling me once, that no matter what a person does with his life, he is constantly trying to capture who he was and what he wants to be. Now this chap did not just blurt it out while we were both waiting for the 136, oh no, it came within a natural conversation that we both struck up – and he just said this to me as if it was a ‘little word of wisdom’. And I suppose in some way it is – wisdom wise that is – as I can still remember it till this very day, especially within the pages of this issue of the Hulk. I say this because there are certain elements to this parable that Rulk seems to echo here – while he is walking through the airplane ‘graveyard’. And for me – personally speaking – this made this issue of the Hulk all the more pertinent as a tale. Fair dues, some of it was build up for the next issue, some of it was a fight scene, and some of is was exposition on what has happened before. But that is just fine, as even though these were not my favourite sections of this issue, they did entertain me with a certain degree of rustic charm and bold panache. And who provided me with this flavour? Correct – Parker and Hardman. Boy-oh-boy, these two are really great on this book together, as with every issue they both manage to get better and better. Please guys, keep the momentum running – though it would be nice if you could bring back Bruce as well. Well, the name of the book is called ‘Hulk’, right? Great issue.

HULK #33 HULK #33 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on June 13, 2011 Rating: 5
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