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A ‘Boolean expression’ – a ‘simple answer’ – or alternately ‘yes or no’. I find that it is always the most easiest response, which is always the most difficult to choose from. And do you know what else? This is expressed perfectly within this issue of GLC, as Written by Tony Bedard; Drawn by Daniel Hdr; and Published by DC Comics in July 2011.

Newly baptised Green Lantern, Quarina, has a dilemma on her hand – specifically on her finger. As should she cast away her power-ring – like some of her fellow corps members have – because of the inadvertent way in which she acquired this ‘weapon’, due to the recent ‘War of the Green Lanterns’? Or alternately, should she listen to what John Steward says to her – and enlist for training with Brok?  

Unfortunately, before she comes to a decision on this matter, both Quarina and John are signalled to settle a raucous dispute on the planet, Tog – a lo-cal where two of the warring factions are diverse in both temperament and nature. Now how do you think Quarina helps with this dispute? Hmm? A logical and bold manner – yet ultimately ineffective. Where as John knows when to use logic and reason – and teaches Quarina when to use force, and when to use diplomacy.

Thankfully, this is something that she gages, to decide upon her ‘ring choice’.   

Now I have to admit, I really liked this issue of the ‘Green Lantern Corps’. Fair enough, so it was not a big gala extravaganza – or even a crossover event where earths died, heroes changed there costumes, and something’s were never the same again. Instead, it is a tried and tested analogy of human nature, relayed and transmogrified into a dilemma between one girl and her power-ring. On top of that, there is also a bit of John Stewart thrown in the mix too, and how his new status within the corps is now being perceived.

OK, so now I have told you what I liked about this issue, I can now tell you why I actually liked it. Firstly, for the whole story aspect of this issue, I kind of dug the way in which the main filly, Quarina, seems just like a normal ‘silver age’ type of girl, whom is not only clear of heart, but also bold of mind. Now if she was a braggart, I do not think that this issue would have worked. Nevertheless, because she was a ‘good girl’, with ‘good morals’, she was an ideal candidate to lead you along this moralistic tale. And that’s another good point you know? Morals – as that is precisely the driving force of this piece, allowing for a somewhat gookie yarn to be told with some level of credence and relevance.

Secondly, there is my mate John (kill a planet) Stewart – poor b*stard. Every time I see him in a comic book now, I cannot help but give out a warm sigh of sorrow, as the guys and girls at DC are really putting him through the ringer you know. How can a man live with himself after killing a planet? TWO PLANETS? That will be an interesting theme for the months ahead I think – plus – the whole DCnu ‘reboot’. I wonder if any of the reprisals in this ‘event’ will still be felt within this ‘re-imagination’? Or will it be ‘just a dream’?  Sh*t – no more dreams!   

Overall, this was one very fine piece of simple storytelling, with Bedard telling a very nice tale, and Hdr being able to illustrate it. Bravo guys (well I think that Hdr is a ‘guy’), you have touched upon a very nice way to tie up an ‘event’, as well as bridge this issue to whatever is going to happen next. Class.


GREEN LANTERN CORPS #61 GREEN LANTERN CORPS #61 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 25, 2011 Rating: 5
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