Jackass The Movie CoverSome men are born nuts - other men have nuts thrust upon them - and for the remaining few, they make the name of the film mentioned above – Jackass. A film Directed by Jeff Tremaine and Starring Johnny Knoxville with his band of buffoons. It was devised in 2002, and lasts for 87 minutes.

Jackass: The Movie

This feature length presentation begins when a giant shopping trolley full of idiots descends down a long and obstacle ridden hill. However, just as soon as they cross a bridge through smoke and projectiles, all of these Jack-ass's plummet head first into a fruit stand, BOOM!

Now is this spectacle an analogy of sorts of what is to come? Yes – yes it is. Because what next follows’ is a collection of jovial sketches ladened with excitement, thrills, frolics, pain, smoke, and a bunch of fruits.

Intrigued? Then, by all means, take a look what is in store:

  • Johnny rents a car, smashes it up, and then takes it back to the dealership full of gas and refuses to pay for the damage. The result? He gets a couple of dummies.
  • Skateboard assisted 'human bowling' in a bowling alley.
  • Electro shock treatment to parts of the body without any muscles, hint-hint!
  • Golf cart roller-derby through a 1950's miniature golf course - the sand-pits win.
  • Semi-naked party boy dances within the streets of Tokyo.
  • Baby gator nipple-clamp for Johnny.
  • Tight rope walking (or crawling) over an alligator pit - with a bit of meat sticking out of Dave-O’s ass.
  • Firecracker in the parents’ bedroom whilst they are sleeping.
  • Granddad shoplifts in a convenience store – naughty man.
  • Crapping in a toilet displayed in a hardware store - yuk!
  • Crawling through a floor full of mousetraps - snap!
  • Bungie Wedgie - ooooff!
  • Johnny gets a beanbag fired in his belly by experts.
  • Ryan Dunn Vs Double K World Woman's kick-boxing champion – Ryan looses.
  • By Night, a selection of the Jackass crew party through the streets of downtown Tokyo dressed as pandas.
  • Dancing in a roller disco situated within the bowels of a moving truck.
  • Wasabi snooters – bad idea.
  • Spring boarding into a ceiling fan - flap!
  • Parents are agitated when they discover an alligator in there kitchen.
  • Paper cuts in-between the toes, fingers, and mouth – not nice.
  • Skateboarding and biking in a fat-suit.
  • Johnny (A skinny) Vs Butterbean (A big boxer). Who wins? Well, lets just say that Johnny goes to the hospital with a cracked head afterwards.
  • Jousting at the local convenient store dressed as Knights.
  • Trying to get a blow-job from a killer whale.
  • Fireworks shot out of your ass – not a mule – and tied to your cock – and I do not mean the poultry kind either.
  • How do you make a yellow snow cone? Pee and Snow. How does it taste? BLURG!
  • Johnny and a couple of members of the Jackass crew give a select few golfers the horn – and they don’t like it.
  • To the surprise of the office staff, Johnny and Joe drop from the ceiling dressed a burglar’s.
  • For this skit, you need a toy car, some lube, a condom, and an ass to shove this into – before you then present all of this to an unsuspecting doctor, OOOPS!
  • Johnny catapults into the swamp.

Coming soon ‘Son of Jackass’?

OK, so here we are with the first of the 'Jackass' movies. Now for those of you who have read my previous installment of this... err... buffoon-a-trilogy, by now, you must know my general impression of this film franchise. Still, for those of you who have not, you can click on ‘Jackass 2’ or ‘Jackass 3D’ respectively, or alternative gauge that I respect all the performers involved, but do find some of there japes somewhat distasteful and stupid.

There, now I have that out of the way with, what do I think of 'Jackass - The Movie'? Hmmm? It’s not bad actually – as a manner of fact – I prefer it more than some of its successors.  Granted, it does have a number of foil boils associated with it - but by in large it is much more congenial to watch.

Jackass The Movie

You see, what I mean by this, is that the overall feel to the movie is less ‘in your face’ that some of the others - and has a much more fresh and vibrant quality to it - as if the guys are finding there feet with this ‘movie project’. Also, in many ways, it has a frat house prose and a certain panache to the overall presentation - one which is very nice and charming as well.

However, there are a number of skits that don't feel quite right to me - and impinge this film with a negative and ‘spoilt vibe’. The first of these to mention, is the gags played on ‘the parents’ – these a not funny at all, and only show how some people can go too far with what they think is funny. Moreover, this can also be said for some of the ‘candid camera’ type skits also – well, people nowadays have a tough life as it is, without some plonker pretending to be a shoplifting Granddad or a jousting Knight. Oh, and lets not forget the ‘hair cutting’ and ‘shit’ humor - for use of a better phrase - as this type of stuff  is only good for babies in there nappies.

Plus finally, there is the pace of some of the skits – blink and you will miss them.

The Guys From Jackass

For me, my personal favorites are the more in-depth segments - where the Jackass crew ‘tell a story’ with their stunts. In ‘Jackass: The Movie’, I especially liked it when the guys dressed up as pandas and danced through the streets of Tokyo at night - as it seemed evident that they were having fun, and that the spectators watching them had fun also. Then there is the penultimate skit plus one - the car stuck up the ass stunt. OK, I know that this skit was somewhat crude in tone, but it did have a narrative and pay off gag that worked in a poignant way - the doctor had the best line in the movie “Don’t tell anyone”. And finally, there is Johnny - poor-poor Johnny - he really get the rough edge of the stick in this movie I can tell you. He gets shot, knocked out, and a cracked head, OUCH!

Overall, ‘Jackass: The Movie’ is a fairly fine film to watch within liberal surroundings - and I can understand why they made more of them afterwards. I just hope that ‘certain’ people pay as much attention to the warning signs in this film then the stunts themselves, else... woooo... ‘Gone with the Wind’ baby, ‘Gone with the wind’.

Fine film.


JACKASS - THE MOVIE JACKASS - THE MOVIE Reviewed by David Andrews on August 21, 2011 Rating: 5
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