Into the Blue Cover Did you know that the world is mainly covered in water? And do you know why that is? Personally speaking, I think that this is because people are generally so wet. Well, just think about it for a moment, the human race is a bit soppy, huh? Just like Director: John Stockwell; and Actors: Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, and Josh Brolin – especially in the year 2005, and for approximately 110 minutes.

Into the Blue

Can you guess what happens when Bahamas bound nautical love-bugs, Jared and Sam (Paul Walker and Jessica Alba) take newly arrived friends, Bryce and Amanda (Scott Cann and Ashley Scott) out for a spot of deep sea diving?

Foreplay? Yep – a splash worth’s. A bit of tomfoolery? Yep – some of that too. Treasure? Eureka – you're right – they hit the jackpot and find the remnants of an old pirate ship, and salvage an old dagger to boot. Not only that though - oh no - as just adjacent to this discovery, they also find a wrecked plane full of dead bodies and drugs.


OK, so what do they about this? Well, they ditch the drugs, and then somewhat shrewdly, hire a boat, and stake there claim on this treasure.

However, when they to sort these things out in a somewhat orderly fashion, I am afraid to say that not everything really goes according to plan. For a start, the people around them start to become somewhat suspicious of their actions - which manifests itself when they get into some trouble at a shady nightclub due to Amanda’s provocative ways. Plus, on top of that, when they are then accosted during a salvaging expedition by Jared’s ex-boss, Derek Bates (Josh Brolin) hired goons – this results in a confrontation that is a bothersome at best.

Still, after this verbal confrontation plays out, Jared and Bryce try to fathom out what is the best way for them to proceed with this expedition.

Though, regrettably, this discourse is blatantly divided – Jared wants to do the honorable thing and pry this treasure in his own way – whilst Bryce wants to grab the drugs and then sell them to the shady nightclub owner to pay for this venture.

So who wins out in this dilemma? Neither of them actually – but that does not stop Bryce and Amanda to carry out their yearnings – something which inadvertently causes everybody a lot of trouble in the process.

Well, you see, when they grab some of the drugs and then go to the nightclub owner to sell them to him, they suddenly discover that these drugs were his to begin with. Worst still, is that these dodgy ne'erdowells force Jared and co to get the rest of the drugs for him also!

Now Sam does not agree with this ploy at all, and he leaves briefly, only to return a night later, to witness the disastrous outcome of this 'scheme'. But I suppose that is why what next transpires is both a harsh and a soggy story at the same time. As cars drive – ships splash – hidden agendas are revealed – ploys are played – and some people swim with the fishes.

Six weeks later, treasure is discovered.

OK, as first, I though that 'Into The Blue' was going to be a remake of the 1950’s British Comedy about a man in a dingy – I was wrong. Next, once the film started to progress, I thought to myself “Great! Pretty people swimming about in bras and bright smiles! It may turn into a porno movie?” – I was wrong again. And so finally, I just kicked backed and relaxed, and hoped that these pretty people were going to entertain me for the next 110 minutes, and garnish me with something new – I was... err... partly wrong.

Well, I have mixed feelings about this film you see – as it told a story – it was beautifully shot – and it did, to a degree, present me with something fresh and new. Primarily I enjoyed most of the underwater scenes – as not only did I get a really good glimpse of Jessica Alba's cute ass, but I was also engrossed in the undersea paraphernalia on display as well (it was very clear and beautiful to witness, both of them). Plus, in addition to this, I also liked the way in which both couples appeared emotionally bi-polar – which clearly defined who were the 'good boy and girl’, and who were the 'bad boy and girl’.  Moreover, I especially liked Paul Walker’s performance – as he has a brooding and wholesome quality that would make him ideal for a superhero movie.

Sexy Jessica in Into the Blue

However, where this film takes a dramatic turn for the worse – is the rest of it. Now what I mean by this, is that even though on the surface, nigh on everything looked very pretty-pretty – kind of. Underneath, the body of 'Into The Blue' was all over the place.

Pace wise – this film started off very slow, but ended with a rather irritating action sequence that was jarring at best. Structurally – this film has a very simple tone to it, but uses it in a brash and sanguine manner, as if tits and ass could replace words and plot. Cosmetically though – even if everything and everyone looked very pretty-pretty, too much can some times be too much, and does make this film look rather bland as there is no contrast to the depth or tone.

It is a shame you know –  as I heard so many bad things about this film in the past, that I wanted it to prove these naysayer’s wrong. Granted, it is not as bad as I thought it would be, but it is not as good as I hoped for either.

Sexy Ashley in Into the Blue

Overall, too much pretty-pretty is just for people whom love to gawk at pretty-pretty. So if you are one of those people, go for it – this one is for you. As for the rest of us – well – Jessica’s ass is worth the prince of admittance alone – so all you have to do is watch this...


INTO THE BLUE INTO THE BLUE Reviewed by David Andrews on September 02, 2011 Rating: 5
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