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There comes a time in everybody’s life, when you can put your hand on your heart and solemnly state ‘Boy, this is just perfect’. And do you know? I did this after reading this Batman comic Written by Scott Snyder; Drawn by Greg Capullo; and Published by DC Comics in October 2011.  

Batman just loves coming home to Gotham City. He love it when he has to fight his way through an Asylum load of Arkham detainees – he loves it when he discovers how said detainees have broken free in the first place – and he loves it when the Joker helps him put a lid on this situation once and for all. Yes – that’s right – I said the Joker – something that Commissioner Gordon quizzes Batman over whilst Batman gives him the details on this closed case. Still, he need not have bothered really, because later, back at the Batcave, it is revealed that the Joker was a disguise used by someone closer to home – guess – to penetrate Arkham to begin with.

Prudently, on this same evening, Batman suites up into his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, and with his protégées, Dick, Tim, and Damien, he hosts a function and gives a speech about Gotham’s imminent regeneration. Now Bruce’s caretaker, Alfred, likes this speech, and so too does journalist, Vikki Vale, and Mayoral Candidate, Lincoln March, also. However, Commissioner Gordon seemed a bit preoccupied on the phone to acknowledge Bruce’s words, a fact that leads Bruce to transform back into Batman one again, and go off to investigate.

So what does Batman discover? Well, with the assistance of Harvey Bullock at the crime scene, he finds: (1) A dead body pinned to the wall. (2) A message on the wall that states ‘Bruce Wayne will die tomorrow’. And (3) That the murderer is someone who is very close to home... to be continued...




Ha! Sorry – I could not help myself – because this first issue of Batman is just one of those reads that picks you up as soon as you have finished reading it. The story is good – the art is sublime – and the overall package is just amazing to behold. Straight off the bat (pun intended), you are initially presented with what seems like a closing section of an existing Batman storyline – one entailing an escape of Arkham inmates. Next, in the intermediary section between the previous segment and the one which will follow, you are given a twist to this tale – or the ‘Joker stunt’ as I like to call it. Before finally, in the concluding section of this issue, you are introduced to three things: (1) The present dynamics of the Bat-Family. (2) The role Wayne Enterprises will play in this book. And (3) A mystery.  

Personally speaking, this ‘Batman’ book is by far the best of the new 52 I have read so far. OK, if it did have a slight drawback, it would be that the ages of Dick, Tim, and Damien, seem a bit lop sided in the scheme of things. Plus, that this issue is a somewhat collation of instances all in all, and not a self contained tale. Nevertheless, writer, Scott Snyder, is just a master artisan at storytelling, and he greatly enhances the flow and the pace of this tale with his narrative. Moreover, the artist, Greg Capullo – pow – what else can I expect from a one time Spawn regular! His art is crisp –  dynamic – moody – and in a strange way reminds me of Marshal Rogers interpretation of Batman from the seventies, as well as Todd McFarlanes from the nineties.

Overall, this issue of Batman is a must read for anyone who loves a Batman tale. So go head, say it loud and say it proud, THE NEW 52 IS HERE!!!!!

Or alternately, mumble something about Scott and Greg, and just leave it at that, huh?

The best of the new 52 has arrived in Batman 1.


BATMAN #1 BATMAN #1 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 13, 2011 Rating: 5
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