Half Moon Street Cover Women are magnificent creatures at times. They are soft to the touch – lush to the spirit – pretty to the sight – and on top of that, they possess certain physical attributes that some men would just die over. Well, some women too for that matter, as depicted in this film Directed by Bob Swaim; and Starring: Sigourney Weaver and Michael Caine. It was made in 1986 and lasts for 90 minutes.

Half Moon Street : The Film - The Book

American Doctor, Lauren Slaughter (Sigourney Weaver),  is having a tough time during her stay in London. Her missionary work in a foreign aide institute is giving her a low wage – she is passed by for an excursion to Kuwait – and on top of that, she is having some difficulty paying her landlord the rent that she owes him.

However, as luck would have it, Lauren is sent a tape in the mail promoting an escort service for men of some standing, called ‘The Jasmine Agency’. So what does Lauren do with this information? Correct – she takes up a position in this vocation, which inadvertently opens up many doors for her in the process.

Now, over time, Lauren befriends a governmental spokesman called Lord Sam Bulbeck (Michael Caine) through this agency. And - bit by bit - this union develops into something much more for Lauren than what she has with her other ‘clients’. They make love – they get to know about each other personally – they try to amend each others ways – but ultimately, they argue about how each of their professions keeps them from seeing each other.

Still, both Lauren and Sam are able to put this matter to one side, while they get on with their lives as best they can.

For example, thanks to a client of Lauren's called Karim Hatami (Nadim Sawalha), she manages to find a decent place to live in ‘Half Moon Street’. Moreover, with this more advantageous geographical location at her disposal, Laurens life starts’ to become much more focused with the institute, with her clients, and with Sam as well.

Nevertheless, what goes up must come down, right? As from here on in, life for Lauren becomes a somewhat topsy-turvy affair. Sam becomes engrossed in his work and fails to meet her on a holiday abroad. In addition to this, Lauren finds companionship while she is away also.

So what happens next? Does Sam turn his back from Lauren because of her transgression? No – thankfully not. What then transpires is a very emotion exchange indeed – as agency’s are shunned – clients attack – ploys are played – and the future appears to be less strained for a couple of star-crossed lovers.    

It is the mid nineteen eighties in 'Half Moon Street', and with it, is a rather nice and pithy tale about how two people with arduous careers, find friendship and love in very strange circumstances indeed. Granted, we get to have a good look at Sigourney Weavers pert tits and ass too – but that is mere cosmetics where this story is concerned.

Half Moon Street - Sexy Sigourney
Personally speaking, I kind of liked this film based on the book called ''Dr Slaughter' - as it does have a very pertinent way of studying a specific character type, 'the workaholic', and tries to convey how these people try to find love. Well – come on – let’s face facts – this sort of thing is more relevant now than ever before! How many singletons do you know compared to those of yesteryear? Many I am sure. And that, to me, is what is so great about this film.

In essence, it distills this 'singleton concept' by filtering out auxiliary attributes such as family and such, whilst at the same time presenting such things as character, back-story, and a congenial charm that is very nice to behold. Also, to make matters even more compelling, the two leads of this film, Michael and Sigourney, are able to convey their characters in a esoteric way that is much more than just poses and pretext.

Fair enough, some of what they say and do does sometimes make this film appear a bit far fetched (For example, Michael being a Lord, and Sigourney being a vegetarian). Nevertheless, that does not necessarily mean that their acting is at fault here, oh no, but rather, it the dissociative premise in this film thatis overtly to blame.

Half Moon Street - Sexy Sigourney
Now this brings me quite nicely to the other side of my review, the negative side. You see, I find that there are four main problems with the ‘Half Moon Street’, which are: (1) Michael Caine's characters vocation is not fully defined - except that it is in an official capacity and involves foreign dignitaries. (2) In places, the structure of this film is quite fragmented - one minute Michael and Sigourney is having a fight, and the next minute they are back together again. (3) For me, the climax of this film was not very climactic - it reminded me of a lost schoolboy dawdling outside the headmaster’s office, not sure if he should enter or not. And (4) The overall flavor of this film is beige in quality and in tone, and does not seem to have that extra something that will make it sparkle.

Overall, though, ‘Half Moon Street’ is a very nice film to watch. You get to see Sigourney’s ass and tits quite a few times, plus, on occasion, a glimpse at her front bottom too. Therefore, if you want to have a glimpse at Sigourney’s front bottom, whilst at the same time watching a nice tale about how two workaholics find love – this film is perfect for you.

Nice film – disasociative in places – and tits in other.


HALF MOON STREET HALF MOON STREET Reviewed by David Andrews on October 18, 2011 Rating: 5
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