I have a friend of mine (nice girl) who has 'a thing' for bags. Now, personally speaking, I am not really sure why Rachel (that's her name) loves bags so much. Because all these sanguine satchels do, is house 'stuff', so that you do not have to hold 'it' in your hands. But does Rachel look at it this way? No - unfortunately not! She's bag barmy! And is just obsessed in purchasing these pouches by the pound load. Rachel has Backpacks (for her back) - Cosmetic (for her makeup) - Duffel (for her coat) - Envelope (for her letters) - Baguettes (for her bread) - Bowling (for her balls) - Bucket (for her... errr... bucket?) - Clutch (for her car) Feed (for her food) - and Hobo too (I'm not making this lot up you know!).

Oh! And lets not forget about Rachel's laptop bag as well (for her legs).

Though, I suppose that in someway, bags can be funny you know - like in this joke that Rachel told me...
One day, whilst Tiny Cecil was at school, his teacher, Maggie, presented to him a brand new blue laptop bag. Now before Tiny Cecil could query this sight, Maggie quickly reached into her bag, and said to him 'It's round - it's got a stem - and it's got a leaf on too'. So Tiny Cecil, in turn, raised his hand into the air, and then replied back Maggie 'It's an apple, right miss?'.

However, before Maggie could acknowledged his reply, Tiny Cecil abruptly said 'my turn', before he reached into his own pocket, and then continued saying '...it's round, it's hard, and it's got a head on it'.

Now obviously alarmed by Tiny Cecil's remark, Maggie squirmed 'Oh Johnny! That's just dirty!' only for him to rapidly reply ''No - it is a coin, miss - but I do like the way that you're thinking'.

Funny right, just like this bag associated gaff (please be patient, it is well worth the wait)...

Then again, I suppose bags can be something to sing about too...

You know what? Come to think about it, bags are pretty good, huh? Check out www.coolcomputerbags.com when you can, you might find a funky flapjack you flip over.

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