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There once was a swarm of para-demons. Whom wanted to snack on a merchant seaman. But the League was nearby, to wave them good bye, before shopping for new clothes at Freeman’s. Or then again, maybe you would want to read this adventure, Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Jim Lee; and Published by DC Comics in December 2011.

So what’s the story morning glory?
In this instalment of ‘Justice League’, a number of things transpire which amps up this adventurous tale to titivating levels.

For a start, Wonder Woman steps into the fray, due to a swarm of para-demons invading the globe.

Next, ‘the foursome League’ all try their best to fight back this ‘invasion’, any which way they can.

After that, scientist, Silas Stone, tries to save his injured son, Victor, by cobbling together a technological hodgepodge of gizmos, to ail his child’s flaming frame.

And finally, once Wonder Woman and ‘the guys’ meet for the first time, they are then introduced to a new water based hero – Aquaman.

What is the most memorable sentence spoken in this issue?
I though that it was funny when Wonder Woman said to Steve Trevor ‘Your home is filled with so many wondrous things. Ice Cream and Rock and Roll, and... wondrous things’.

Now I am not sure if it was mean to be amusing, but I thought that it was.

Was the story any good?
I am not sure if there was a story in this story? Well, I suppose there was one, as I do remember something about ice cream! Ha!

Seriously, though, I would have preferred it, if this tale was slightly more linier in approach. Because what I found slightly off putting with this segment of this larger story arc, was the way in which it bounced around within each page from ‘the guys’ story, to ‘Wonder Woman’s’ story, and to ‘Vic’s’ story.

Granted, overall, it wasn’t that-that bad – as it did manage to convey a bit more excitement, a bit more adventure, and also introduce Wonder Woman and Aquaman to ‘the gang’ too.

Was the art any good?
Jim Lee draws a very nice Wonder Woman. OK, I know that any half-decent artist can. But I do feel that he has made her both feminine, stern, pretty, and ‘Amazonian’, without making her come across as a slut – which seems to be a new trend within the DCnU.

However, as of yet, I am not really sure about her character – as this naïve but stern warrior woman does exhume a certain ‘male fantasy figure’ – so to speak.

What is the best thing about this issue?
Personally speaking, I enjoyed the cameos in this issue, because Thomas Morrow – Professor Ivo – and Sarah Charles, are really nice touches to this tale. Also, I did like the character interaction between Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash – as it had a real ‘year one’ flair to it. 

What is the worst thing about this issue?
Conceptually, the story was non-existent in this tale, because all it managed to do, was progress, introduce, and the leave us – the readers – with a cliffhanger of the sea-git, Aquaman. Moreover, I did find that the colour pallet used within certain scenes, were either over saturated by a hue, are not saturated enough.

I though that strange, visually I mean. 

If you could sum up this issue in a phrase or saying, what would that phrase or saying be?
There are two sayings that I feel sum of this issue quite nicely. The first one is ‘style over substance’, and the second one is ‘I want to hold your hand’.

Hmm? I must need more medication, I think.

If this issue were a movie, an object, or a piece of music, what would that be and why?
English soft rock group, Status Quo, once sung a song called ‘We Are in the Army Now’. Now, to me, this song symbolises, both aesthetically and lyrically, what this issue feels like. Because they are both light in tone – jumpy in construction – and repetitive in pace.

What do you think would have made this issue better than it was?
I would have liked to have seen more substance to this issue, rather than just a ‘Hello, this is Diana and Arthur in the League’. Maybe if Johns actually sat down and made some more character incites, or plot developments, then this would have given more than just a light and quick read.

Final thoughts...
OK, I know that I have been somewhat judgemental on this book. But this is because I want it to be more than just a good looking ‘flash mag’, I want it to be the best book out on the racks today.

More substance please chaps – the style is fine – just more girth would be appreciated. 

Marks out of 10? 7.5

JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 JUSTICE LEAGUE #3 Reviewed by David Andrews on November 30, 2011 Rating: 5
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