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Have you ever taken a dip in the sea. Just to relieve yourself of adversity. If you have not, check out Daredevils shot, because he really wants to have a pee. Now do you want to know why I am taking nonsense? Then have a look at this adventure Written by Mark Waid; Drawn by Marcos Martin; and Published by Marvel Comics in December 2011.

So what’s the story morning glory?
In a most dashing way, this issue of Daredevil – called ‘Bruiser Beatdown!’ – is a three-strand story with a couple of questions pitched in at the end for panache.

Part One – A WATERY QUANDARY – Criminal Mastermind, Mr Zachary, thinks that he has it all. His henchman, Bruiser, has disposed of Daredevil, by throwing him in the sea, and he has managed to capture the blind interpreter, Austin Cao, as well. Plus, in addition to this, Mr Zachary has Randall in his clutches, whilst holding court with five different crime representatives upon a submarine.

Who can stop him now?

Part Two – A BATTLE WITH BRUISER – Now you just cannot keep a good blind-lawyer down, especially when the blind-lawyer in question is none other than Matt Murdock himself! And why is that? Well, in fine fashion, Daredevil saves himself from his submerged sticky situation, then he saves Austin and Randall, before he finally swaps slaps with Bruiser.

Fair dues, none of this is an easy thing for him to do – but he finds a way.

Part Three – KNOWLADGE IS POWER – With the bad guys on the run, plus the good guy on the attack, what can make this situation even more sweater? Knowledge my friend, or to be more specific about it, a data disk Daredevil snatched from Mr Zachary, just before the ‘five representatives of crime’ kills this corporate kingpin and then allow his captors to get away.

Now – THE QUESTION’S – Will Austin like his new job working with Matt? Where will Randall go now that he is allowed to flee the country? And what will Matt do with the data disk which he has stolen from the crime syndicates?

What is the most memorable sentence spoken in this issue?
I liked the conversation between the two henchmen after Bruiser asks them for directions and Daredevil pops up.

Henchman One:  He wants to fight the Hulk [referring to the Bruiser]
Henchman Two: The Hulk.
Henchman One: But he knows that he is not there yet, so he moves his way up the ranks one hitter at a time, learning all their tricks. Man, Bull, Ox, it’s all on his web page.
Henchman Two: Web Page
Henchman One: Man has a dream. Who knows?

Pure vaudeville shtick – class.

Was the story any good?
Hell yes – Mark Waid does it again – and this time it comes across as if he’s not even trying. Seriously, Marks Daredevil tale is so jaunty and relaxed in prose, it’s as though he just jotted it down on a back of a napkin whilst he was at a burger joint.

Please note – this is not a slur by any stretch of the imagination. If anything, it is a complement as to how Mark just produces these very charming stories, which are just a joy to read.

And it is a story – one full of adventure and imagination, with a touch of humour too.

Was the art any good?
OK, please allow me to state for the record, that I do not have a problem with Marcos Martins art. It’s fresh – its bold – and it has a simple quality about it, that is very modern looking overall.

However, where the colour pallet used on this book is concerted – err – I am no too sure really? On the one hand, I feel that Munsta Vincente’s hues are too simple and child-like. Whilst, on the other hand, his pastel shades’ do give an extra something to Marcos’ work.

What do you chap and chap-ettes think?

What is the best thing about this issue?
I liked the conclusion myself – because I found that it was wrapped up very nicely, with hardly no ‘additional business’ thrown in for the sake of drama. Also, I did like the idea that Matt now has that data disk – thus making a very intriguing future. Plus, I am happy to see Austin join the legal ranks – I am sure that he will become a fine addition to the team.

What is the worst thing about this issue?
I did not really like the idea of the five crime bosses hanging around in their brightly coloured jump suits, all waiting to see who would win between Daredevil and Bruiser. OK, maybe it is just me, but I found this a bit too ‘Austin Powers’ within this tale, and it also made it appear as if they were part of the furniture – too staged.

If you could sum up this issue in a phrase or saying, what would that phrase or saying be?
To quote the seventies television / music combo, the Monkees, I would have to use the phrase ‘I Am a Believer’ as an appropriate saying for this tale.

If this issue were a movie, an object, or a piece of music, what would that be and why?
So this story is simple, cleaver, and vibrant, in its execution – plus – it involves a search and rescue ploy on a sub. Therefore, in my most humble estimation, I would have to say that this comic is – ‘Austin Powers 3’, correct? (click here for the review)

What do you think would have made this issue better than it was?
A free happy meal coupon for McDonalds? Nah – not McDonalds – maybe a Chinese restaurant – that would be nice.

Oh! This comic. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Foggy in this issue – but never mind – I am sure I will see him next issue instead, huh?

Final thoughts...
I really enjoy the way that each issue of Daredevil seems to build up towards something else, because I find that this tactic really adds to the overall flow and style of Waid’s narration. Moreover, I hope that some of the future projects could clarify what Matt’s standing in the Marvel Universe is at the moment – because I am not really sure post ‘Reborn’.

Marks out of 10? 9.5

DAREDEVIL #6 DAREDEVIL #6 Reviewed by David Andrews on December 20, 2011 Rating: 5
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