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It isn't that nice when you've been duped. It just makes your butt fell as if it has been stooped. Still the Outlaws don't care - they are too debonair - because they do appear articularly pooped.  Or alternatively, read this tale Written by Scott Lobdell; Drawn by Kenneth Rocarfort; and Published by DC Comics in February 2012.

So what’s the story morning glory?
'I'm Free As A Bird - And This Bird You Cannot Kill' is a battle-ridden two-strand story, with an additional question posed in at the end of it, which does appear amusing at best.  

Roy and Kory Vv Crux: I am afraid to say that Kory has been de-powered by Man-Bat. Oh! Err... I mean the ugly looking green git called Crux. Still, do you think that Roy (Arsenal) Harper is able to do anything about this?

Well, Roy thinks he can! Especially when he overpowers Crux with some electrified arrows that he fires at him. Unfortunately, though, this does not really last for that long - as in no time at all, Crux is breathing down both their necks like a mutt with an itch to scratch.

However, this scratch fight's back, right? POW! 

Jason Vs The Unknown - Now it's pretty safe to say that Jason (Red Hood) Todd is in a very tight spot at the moment. You see, the Unknown is kicking the ka-ka out of him, and then, when they both discover that this battle is a ploy by 'alternate' hands, he dumps Jason into a lake to perish.

Ha! Like that will work!

Thankfully, Jason uses his memories of Durca to urge himself out of this predicament - thus spurring him on to then slash the Unknown into sushi, KA-CHING!

Question - Can Jason and Roy, plus a suddenly supercharged Kory, be able to out run a stampede of irate villagers, whom are aghast at the havoc that this trio have wrought upon there small town?   

What is the most memorable sentence spoken in this issue?
Even though his comment to Roy was misguided, I thought that Crux's utterance 'But you're human? Why aren't you on my side?' was very sad and revealing at the same time.

Convoluted character in pathos - you can't beat it.

Was the story any good?
Unlike some of the other issues of 'Red Hood and The Outlaws', I found that this issue was less jovial in tone. Now that is not to say that it was cr*p in any way shape or form, far from it. Rather, it was more of a conventional yo-yo battle issue than what has previously been presented.

Still, whilst saying that, I have to admit that the little nod's at new continuity was a very nice touch - especially Jason's soppy rant about 'the Joker and Bruce' - plus Kory acknowledging her own 'altered' physiognomy.

Was the art any good?
Kenneth Rocafort is really proving to be a good artist on this series. For example, in this issue, he has shown that he can illustrate battles, water, snow, and mood panelling - which at times are fit for the bed-room wall (that's a complement by the way).

Moreover, I have to say that his character features are improving too - Jason and Roy do not seem as uniform as they did at the beginning of this series.

What is the best thing about this issue?
Personally speaking, I liked the little character incites in this tale. Jason's feeling about Bruce - Kory starting to show her true colours - Roy's sweet nature - and Crux's misguided outlook on life. Little things like these make this series more of a character piece than just an out and out straight laced team book. 

What is the worst thing about this issue?
Now to be absolutely honest with you, I am not the type of person who enjoys an all battle issue. I find that this type of 'baff-boom-bam' is fairly pedestrian in comic books nowadays - and just seems to slow up the through line where a complete story is concerned.

Still, it was not that-that bad.

If you could sum up this issue in a phrase or saying, what would that phrase or saying be?
Whilst reading the last section of this issue, a Python phrase popped into my mind straight away 'RUN AWAY!'.

Well, this statement does have a fleeting tone to it - like this story. 

If this issue were a movie, an object, or a piece of music, what would that be and why? 
Because of the overall favor of this all-battle issue, I felt that this comic book resembled a YoYo. Conceptually - the two fight scene's had an up / down momentum to them. Plus - the emotional center was either light / dark in tone.

What do you think would have made this issue better than it was?
This issue needed to be more funnier than it was, so I would have liked to have seen Robin Williams turn up dressed as Mork, and then say to the Outlaws 'Nannoo-Nanoo'. Or alternatively, give Roy and Jason a stage and a microphone, so that they can then tell jokes about mountain aliens. 

Final thoughts...
I have enjoyed the way that this current story arc is progressing. On one level, it has allowed Scott to tell an adventure story. On another level, it has allowed Scott to define this team, and explain about each of the characters origins. And on yet another level, it has given Kenneth the opportunity to draw orange tits.


Marks out of 10? 8

RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #5 RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #5 Reviewed by David Andrews on January 30, 2012 Rating: 5
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