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Not so long ago, in a comic book company not so far away, three men with very dodgy accents decided to sit down on an orange, and then re-brand their image. Now the first person is called Dan Dididididido - and in all honestly, he's a nice sort of a chap for a slap head. The next person is called Geoff Johns - and he looks like a washing machine salesman. And the final person is called Jim Lee - please note, no relation to any other famous oriental Lee's.

Here, have a read of what they said that fabled day in DC Comics

DAN: Come on people. We have re-branded our whole line of publications with 52 new number one's, so now we need to reflect that in our corporate image. What are we going to go Jim and Dan? You're our 'creative think-tank' now - we need to spit-ball.
JIM: What if we called ourselves Wildstorm? That would be subversive.
DAN: Ha! Forget it Lee. Wildstorm is currently a notch to your bank-balance. Though maybe a new name change wouldn't be such a bad idea?
GEOFF: OK then. As we are going retro-with our comic books - why don't we get retro with our name too, and call ourselves 'National Periodicals' - like DC did back in the day?
DAN: No - 'National' is not a good word to use at the moment - and people are too lazy to spell 'periodicals' anymore. Still, maybe an old fashioned word for DC would not be such a bad idea?
JIM: Cement?
DAN: Huh?
JIM: Why not call DC 'Cement' - it's an old sounding word, and would make us appear more stable.

[Everyone laughs for a minute]

JIM: Seriously - 'Cement'.
DAN: No.
GEOFF: Well, what if we still maintained the initials 'D.C.' - but instead of it meaning 'Detective Comics' - why not call it something like... errr... Daffodil Cucumber?
DAN: Have you been taking Jim's medication again Geoff?

[Jim sniggers to himself]

GEOFF: No Dan - of course not. But just think about it for a moment, huh? 'Daffodil Cucumber'. Each week, we can have different colored Daffodils and different colored Cucumbers gracing our pages. It would be very original and very nice to look at.
JIM: Aren't Daffodils and Cucumbers the same color all the time? Yellow and green?
GEOFF: Yeah - but we can make our Daffodils and Cucumbers different all of the time - it would be so pretty.

[Dan and Jim look at each other and grimace]

DAN: Maybe we should drop the idea of changing our name for the moment, and try to come up with something else.

NO! NO! NO! I will not have a sex change! Jim will not change his first name to either Lee or Bruce. And Geoff will not sport a Mohawk and call himself Kirby. We need to make a poignant change people, and something that would make us feel more relevant.
JIM: What if we called ourselves Wildstorm?

[Dan growls at Jim]

GEOFF: What if we redesigned our logo? That could work.
JIM: Wait a minute! Didn't we redesign our logo a couple of years ago?
DAN: Yes - yes we did. But we are DC God damn it! We are famous for back-tracking our ideas. In the past, we screwed up the Superman, The Justice League of America, and the Titans - but now they are our top selling titles.
JIM: But the 'Titans' don't exist anymore, right? We scrubbed them out of continuity.
GEOFF: Are you sure Jim? I thought I heard Scott say that he wanted to have the Titans in his comic books.
JIM: No Geoff, you are mistaken. Scott said he wanted to have tit's in his comic books.
DAN: PEOPLE! PEOPLE! PEOPLE! I know we are all starting to get tiered - and we all need to have a rest. So please don't get side-tracked. huh? We need to think-think-think.
GEOFF: But I thought that you said 'back-track' before? Are we called 'back-track' comics now?
DAN: Geoff - cut that out - we are talking about a new logo for DC - suggestions.
JIM: Can it have tit's in?
DAN: No.
GEOFF: What about many-many different colors? Like Cucumber blue, Daffodil Red, or...

[Dan slams his hand down onto the desk in anger, prompting Jim and Geoff to flinch in turn]

DAN: That's it! I have had enough out of you two.

[Dan picks up the phone, punches in a telephone number, hold the receiver up to his ear, and then...]

Hello? Sales and Marketing? Get someone to create a new logo for DC straight away. No - I don't care who you get. Just as long as it does not look like a windows icon or anything.

[Dan then suddenly spams down the phone and turns to both Jim and Geoff]

There, best creative decision I made all decade. Now who wants to see what we have in store for DC with the new 69?
New 69?
Yeah - it was Scot's idea.

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