Shooter Cover What does it take to be a good marksmen? Keen vision? A well-polished gun? Some kind of mechanical device made out of elephant dung and the spit of a blind badger? Errr – most probably. But I would also presume some luck would suffice as well. Like the luck depicted in this film made by Director: Antoine Fuqua; with Actors: Mark Wahlberg, Lane Garrison, and Danny Glover. I was shot out in 2007 and lasted for whole 125-minute.


I am afraid to say that retired and reclusive Gunnery Sergeant, Bob Lee Swagger (Mark Wahlberg), has been put in deep doo-doo.

You see, due to Bob’s proficient shooting prowess, he has been asked by Colonel Isaac Johnson (Danny Glover), to suss out an up and coming assassination attempt, that is going to me made on the President of the Unites States life. Now reluctantly Bob agrees with Isaacs request, and he does his best to make sure that every thing is safe and sound for the ‘big guys’ public speech one summers morn.

Wrong move – because even though the president isn't shot, the archbishop standing next to him is. Worst still, is that Isaac frames Bob for this occurrence, and Bob is badly injured in the process as well.


Thankfully, though, Bob manages to get away from the scene of this crime, and goes so far as to track down a girlfriend of an old college of his, Sarah Fenn (Kate Mara) – whom puts him back together again – so to speak.

Meanwhile, whilst Bob is in ‘stitch up’ city, an FBI agent whom witnessed some of Bob’s shenanigans, Nick Memphis (Michael Peña), becomes somewhat curious about his predicament also. Prompting Nick to do whatever he can, to look into this matter further.

For example, Nick investigates – he asks for some advice from Special Agent Alourdes Galindo (Rhona Mitra) – and he scopes the crime scene to boot. Heck, Nick does so well with his compilation, that Isaac sticks some goon onto him, just to keep him quiet.

Bad idea – because by this time Sarah has aided all of Bob’s ailments, and he shrewdly saves Nick from his plight. Moreover, both of them then decide to team up, and try to figure out what the hell is going on with Isaac.

Well, I suppose that is why what next transpires is a very arduous chain of events indeed. As Senators sermonise – spies get baptised – the FBI cannot believe their eyes – and a bullet and a bang will set everyone free.

Praise the lord for the future of mankind!!!

Now when I first sat down and started watching ‘Shooter’, I thought to myself “I’ve seen films like this one before”.

Well, for a start, it reminded me of a lot of Clint Eastwood’s films from the eighties and the nineties – like ‘Firefox’, ‘The Gauntlet’, and ‘Absolute Power’. Next, when I started to watch some more of this conspiracy ladened piece of cinema, I found out that I was right with my presumption – because I have seen this story-line within a number of films – with a touch of another of Clint Eastwood’s movie too, ‘The Rookie’.


Still, does any of what I have just said imply that this film is a bad film or not? Err – not sure really – instead, I think that this insinuates that this film thematically brings nothing new to the table – so to speak. Granted, Mark (I'm too moody for this sh*t) Wahlberg, and Danny (I'm too old for this sh*t) Glover – do both pull off some very gruff looking performances. Moreover, Michael (I have nice hair) Peña, and Kate (I have a nice belly button) Mara – also exert a certain level of credence into the proceedings as well. Oh! And let’s not forget Rhona (I know I am pretty) Mitra, and Ned (I know I am cute) Beatty – because even though their roles were fleeting in this film, it was nice to see them on the big screen all the same.

Mark as the Shooter

But is any of this enough to make for a great film? Gruff? Credence? And Nice? Well, personally speaking – no – not overall. You see, I find that the main problem with ‘Shooter’, is that the storyline doesn’t really inject enough personality into the mix, and that is why it feels flat in places. Plus, to make things slightly more strained, the rambling conspiracy plot-line does not really make sense at times, and I was honestly confused with how certain scenes played out.

For example, nearing the end of the movie, after Mark has killed God knows how many people, and Danny’s duplicitous nature has been revealed to all in sundry – what happens? Nothing – they are both allowed to walk free – resulting in a play it by numbers confrontation at the end of the movie.

The Cast of the Shooter

Listen now, I do not want to be too harsh on this adventure, as there are some great little bits throughout – like the initial twist – like some of the action scenes – and like most of Michael’s stuff also. Still, at the end of the day, this is a so-so film – and truly deserved a better through line and a more original tale than the one that was presented for our viewing pleasure.

Sorry guys and girls – but I have to say that his is a not bad film – in a not bad world – with a cast that deserves an awful more than what was on show.


SHOOTER SHOOTER Reviewed by David Andrews on February 07, 2012 Rating: 5
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