Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God Cover I have always wanted to be a treasure hunter you know. Just living a life full of adventure, thrills, pretty girls, martial arts, revenge, and funny looking Arabs. Yeah - serious - funny looking Arabs - I saw it in this film Directed by and Starring Jackie Chan, with Carol Cheng and Eva Cobo de Garcia. It was made in 1991, and lasted for 106-minutes.

Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God

The adventurer, Jackie 'the Asian-hawk' Condor (Jackie Chan), thought that his next mission was going to be a very simple one for him to accomplish. He was given a special key to unlock a secret chamber hidden under an Arabic Temple that housed some stolen German gold. Plus in addition to this, was also going to be accompanied by accomplished tracker, Ada (Carol Cheng), to guide him to this location as well.
But no! How was Jackie supposed to know that before he and Ada set off, he would have to fight some renegade solders, beat up two jovial Arab men, and then have the German Granddaughter who stole the gold initially, Elsa (Eva Cobo de Garcia), come along with him on this venture also?

Still, that's what happened, and that is what Jackie has to put up with whilst avoiding a lot of other things during his time with his two female companions.

For example, the renegade solders return and attempt to take the key off of him at the hotel he is staying at. Next, once they are all in the desert, he has to save Eva and Elsa from some Arab slave traders whom accost them. After that, he has to avoid the two jovial Arab men whom he fought previously. And finally, he and the girls have to penetrate the Arab Temple and retrieve the gold.

Ha! I am afraid to say that this is not an easy thing for them to do. The path is barred by the keepers of this temple you see, just as soon as the renegade solders return for some pay-back.

Well, I suppose that is why what next transpires is a right pain in the hieroglyphics I can tell you. As the Germans are on the go - beware of the dangerous beaux - the gold is ready for show - and the whole temple is going to blow.

BOOM! Now who wants some water?

Now please allow me get something straight before I start off my review on this film, OK? In America, this movie was released prior to its predecessor, 'Armour of God' (click here for review), which is why it was given the name 'Operation Condor' in the U.S., rather than 'Operation Condor - The Armour of the Gods 2'. Also, for all you trivia fans out there, in the US version, Jackie Chan dubbed himself, and the Momoko presentation was cut out of this flick.

Oh! And before I forget, Eva Cobo de Garcia is the same woman who was in this previous movie. She just cut her hair short and dyed it blond to look different is all.  

Eva Cobo de Garcia and Jackie in Armour of God II: Operation Condor

Eva Cobo de Garcia
Well, now that is all cleared up. Is this movie a good movie or a bad movie? Well, personally speaking, it is a very good movie with a couple of bad bits in it.

You see, where the bad is concerned, I have to say that the overall style and presentation of this flick is kind of slap-dash in execution. One minute it is light and cartoon-like in tone. And the next minute it is moody and has a rather bold eighties vibe about to it. Plus in addition to this, the whole opening sequence was a bit too much to swallow. Jackie penetrates a rustic temple with men dressed with papier-mâché head gear - he steals a piece of green glass - and then he makes his escape in a giant golf ball.

Strange right?

Jackie and Girl Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God

Jackie ChanHowever, where the rest of 'Operation Condor - Armour of God 2' is concerned, it was blooming fantastic!

My own personal favourite thing about this flick is the relentless set pieces whenever Jackie and the girls get into trouble. For example, there is this whole thing going on at the hotel, where Jackie and the ladies are attacked by the soldiers, and they all slap, jump, kick, and grab at each other, so that the bad guys can not get their hands on 'the special key'. Also, there is that whole end sequence where Jackie and these same two soldiers, fight it out in some sort of wind chamber, all of them just holding on to dear life whilst they are blown about all over the place like a bunch of stray balloons.

Also, I have to mention some of the comedy in this film as well, as it does come across as more laugh-fu than kung-fu at times. Please note, I am not trying to say that the martial arts' deployed in this movie is bad by any means. Rather, that the comedy does take precedence where the action is concerned. And in my humble opinion, it is really funny visual comedy too - especially where Carol and Eva are concerned - as they are very good at it.  Here, check out this blooper reel...

Overall, 'Operation Condor - Armour of God 2' is a really great film to watch if you want a laugh, see some inadvertent nudity, have a snigger at some funny Arabs (who don't seem to have any bearing on the plot), plus have a very good time with a very silly flick. Moreover, it is a film you can just sit back and relax to, and have a good time watching some mindless fun for and hour and forty.

So if you are a fan of this films predecessor, or maybe some of Jackie's other movies like 'Wheels on Meals' or 'Police Story 2' - this is defiantly one for you.

Silly story - great action - tasteful nudity.


OPERATION CONDOR - ARMOUR OF GOD 2 OPERATION CONDOR - ARMOUR OF GOD 2 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 27, 2012 Rating: 5
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