Have you every wondered what makes someone become a real superhero? Are powers involved? Is wealth a deciding factor? And does privilege promote in a prolonged fashion? Well, who gives a sh*t! Just as long as you check out my mate Devin's smashing comic-book inspired live action web-series, I'm cool! Here, catch a glimpse of a conversation Devin and I had only the other day, whilst trying to hire Robert De Niro to be the new Harry Potter.

1) To me, Devin, your movie, ‘Unsung Heroes’, looks like a cross between the Ben Stiller movie ‘Mystery Men’, and 'Austin Powers'. In your own words how would you describe your movie?   Unsung Heroes Webseries is definitely influenced by Mystery Men, with a couple differences. For the most part, this is going to be a series that appeals to adults but younger people can enjoy also! The webseries will show the heroes assembling and interacting with each other throughout multiple situations. We're really excited to see people's reactions to not only the humor, but also the diversity of the cast.

2) What film, or amalgamation of films, could you compare your piece to?   It's part 'Mystery Men', 'Power Rangers' and the live action 'Tick' flick. I watched these three pieces when I was younger and they've always stuck with me. The individual characters are also reminiscent of superheroes like Nightcrawler (from the X-Men), Blank Man, Raven (from Teen Titans), Xena Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman. When writing for the series and promotional material, I tried to keep comic book geeks (like myself) in mind because I love a good story and I love to laugh. I'm pretty goofy!

3) What attracted you to this project in the first place?   Well I'm an Actor, and in June of 2011, I started self-producing. At first it was because I wanted to try it but now I have a genuine love of seeing a project from beginning to end. Ever since I started though, I knew one day I would combine my love of acting and superheroes and out came Unsung Heroes Webseries.

4) If 'UH' was a song, what song would it be and why?   Lol! I dunno. It would probably be a Weird Al song because of the subject matter ha ha ha. Probably “Eat It” (parody of Beat It by Michael Jackson).

5) If you could assign a smell to your movie, what odour would it be and why?   It would smell like virginity, LOL (that was a bad joke about comic book geeks). It would smell like a fresh pizza pie and fizzing coca cola. Hopefully everyone will be eating and drinking this when they are watching this as a series on TV.

6) What are your own aspirations for this project? And how did you cast your actors?   Well we are making this into a webseries first but we've also thought about it as potentially a pilot for TV. Usually I just cast friends in my projects but this was different. Since the characters for this piece were so extreme in their differences, I had to have a casting call. I can't wait to cast for the actual series!

7) What are your own origins Devin? Plus what path did you take to get into this movie making business?   I was born and raised in Newark, NJ (yes I'm a Jersey Boy, from the Brickz) and didn't get into acting until I was in college. Once college was over, I worked as a publicist until I decided to go full force into acting. At first I was mostly a musical theater boy but within the recent few years, I've focused mostly on auditioning and booking film-related opportunities. Now I have been self-producing for over a year and I can't wait to do more projects!

8) If your movie was a 'singleton' going on a date, who would it be attracted to and why?   Once again, since this is a webseries made for comic book geeks, it would be looking for a cool cute girl who wouldn't mind being in a comic book store for hours and then play video games after that. :-)

9) If there was a message behind this movie, what would it be, and why would you want to convey it?   I would say that the message is “the sky is the limit.” Meaning if you want to be a superhero BE ONE! Who cares if your powers suck. Who cares if you're “too old”. Who cares if you are Black, Goth, Indian, Puerto Rican, a drag queen, a momma's boy, etc. You can do anything or be anyone that you set your mind to. JUST DO IT!!

So there you have it dear reader, my pal Devin and his great new webseries 'Unsung Heroes'. When you have the time please check out his YouTube channel. And lets not forget his facebook and twitter stream either. Thank you very much.  

UNSUNG HEROES - LET ME HEAR YOU ROAR! UNSUNG HEROES - LET ME HEAR YOU ROAR! Reviewed by David Andrews on September 07, 2012 Rating: 5
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