Kim Kardashian Sexy Now if you're the type of person who laughs at the sight of a fuzzy cat being put into tumble dryer, or maybe a small horse being sick onto a smaller child, there's no denying it, from time to time you've watched a funny video clip. Yeah. I know you have. At this very moment I can sense you blushing with the use of your computers 'blush detector'. You don't have to be embarrassed, pal. No. Not at all. Every single mouse clicker in the known universe has at one time or another watched some sort of...

comedy web series

OK, I know that the definition of comedy is rather broad in this more lapse day and age. With your swearing, you're ambidextrous spelling, and your 'laughter of hate'. But still, comedy is comedy, right? Certain japes work on a visceral level. Others work in prose. Whereas by in large the slap-stick variety is always a sure fire hit for the 'You Tube' generation.

Here. Have a click on this clip for an illustration of what I mean by my aforementioned summation.

See? Wasn't that a blast? And I'm sure that it was a lot better than a gallery of silly images to gaze at, huh? Something just for the sake of blatant celebrity inclusion, all in the vein attempt to provoke a sneer of the sardonic-kind. Just like these for example...

Vampire Cruise
All I Did Was Go To England, And...
Beard Beauty
Your Still Looking At My Chest?
Angry Britney
Just Gimme My Pie M*ther-F*cker!
Hungry Arnie
Not enough.
Shocked Celeb
No. His is a lot smaller!
Gay Russian
Too much?

But you won't find me doing something like that, dear reader. No Sir-Re Bob! I would not stoop so low. Instead, I would like to encourage you to click on the link inserted up above -- because I have a very strong feeling that you wouldn't be sorry if you did.

Well, I'm sure you've heard of blip.tv. It's a great website to peruse whenever you have the time to spare. It's simple to use. Free. And is as funny as a man writing an article whist having a wash in the bath.

Oh! Wait a minute. I best go before my laptop splashes and crashh... %^%$%YFYYFWgf3tfr5122222433

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