It is a little known fact that celebrities must make very good thieves. Well, it only stands to reason, doesn't it? Acting is another form of lying. Liars are known for their underhanded ways. Plus this type of unscrupulous character is bound to commit a crime sooner or later. Still, I suppose that's why God invented internet video, huh? Just like one of those...

online comedy videos

Come on. Don't tell me you've never heard of this form of online entertainment before! You name it. It has it. All at a click of a button. Cartoons. Arcade Games. Pigeons. Comedy. Music. Education. Health and Fitness. Asparagus. Food and Drink. Politics. And, of course, Celebrities.

Sigh! There we go again. Back to this creed of being once more. Here, to illustrate what I mean by my aforementioned perfect-point, please check out this rather nifty celebrity mugshot gallery. It's Paris-a-riffic.

Yasmine Bleeth
Crime: No Make-Up
Sentence: This Photo

Lindsey Lohan
Crime: Lindsey Lohan
Sentence: Life

Nicole Richie
Crime: Looking Smug
Sentence: Cucuber

Axel Rose
Crime: Looking Dirty
Sentence: Being Dirty

Dennis Hopper
Crime: Take Your Pick
Sentence: Beard

Naomi Campbell
Crime: Being A B*tch
Sentence: Sock With Sandals

Mickey Rourke
Crime: Being A Nut
Sentence: More Than 1 Word

Macauley Culkin
Crime: Oohhh Nooo!
Sentence: Ohhh Yeesss!

Chris Tucker
Crime: Being Repetitive
Sentence: Rush Hour 2

Paris Hilton
Crime: Breathing
Sentence: Being French

Kiefer Sutherland
Crime: Yes Please
Sentence:  No Problem

Robert Downy Jr
Crime: Looking Like A Git
Sentence: Ally McBeal

Nick Nolte
Crime: Another 48 Hours
Sentence: Eddie Murphy

Marshall Mathers
Crime: Looking German
Sentence: Saying 'Yoe' A Lot

Steve McQueen
Crime: Being Too Cool
Sentence: Getting Married

Frank Sinatra
Crime: Saying 'Doo-Be-Doo-be'
Sentence: Porn

Hugh Grant
Crime: Having A Silly Accent
Sentence: Music And Lyrics

Al Pacino
Crime: Steeling A Prison
Sentence: Godfather Part 3

Now wasn't all that very factual to follow, dear reader? And wouldn't you like to know a bit more in video form? Well, what are you waiting for? Click on the link above and open your world up to the facebook age. Trust me. It'll be a blast. 

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