Plan 9 From Outer Space Cover Do you believe in creatures from outer space? Moreover, do you also believe that the dead will one day rise from their graves? If so, for f*ck sake, don't watch this movie! It's scary! It's bold! It's full of flying cutlery! And it's was Directed by Edward D Wood Junior; and Starring: Bela Lugosi, Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, with Tor Johnson. It was made in 1959, lasting for a whole 79 minutes.

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Poor Jeff Trent (Gregory Walcott). If it wasn't bad enough that his wife, Paula Trent (Mona McKinnon), can't act. Worst still, is that this square-jawed pilot goes completely bonkers, when he spots a UFO in the sky whilst flying his aircraft.

Oh! Wait up! I almost forgot to mention something. Jeff's none too pleased when he hears the news that some dead-people are on the rampage at the local cemetery either.

Yeah. Dead-People. Like that scary looking woman with the nice tit's for example (Maila Nurmi). Her old-man that desperately needs a tan (Bela Lugosi). Plus that portly police Inspector they both kill, called Dan Clay (Tor Johnson). All of them brought back to life, because the aforementioned 'visitors from another planet', are currently in a secret war with the earths Government.

But Jeff doesn't need to worry his pretty little head off about this. The police are at hand to investigate what is going on at the cemetery. Whilst the army is primed and ready, trying to figure out what E.T.'s second cousins want to do on this planet.

Still, that's most probably why what next transpires jumps onto gear, when Colonel Tom Edwards (Tom Keene) is ordered to pay Jeff a little visit. As a battle plan does the spits - a dead man falls to bits - aliens turn out ecological - and the special effects on this film are just diabolical.

Now there are many words I could use to describe 'Plan Nine from Outer Space'. 'Cardboard': being one of them. And 'Stiff': being another. But I defiantly wouldn't call it 'bad' by any stretch of the imagination! If fact, I would rather use the word 'engaging' instead.

You see, to me, if you look past the nth rate production values, and the William Shatner type acting, this story isn't a bad story if truth be told. It's about how we -- the people living on this planet -- are progressing so much, that at times we're not entirely sure what we are progressing towards.

Today we have Ipods, Guns, Phones, Bombs, and God knows what else those crazy R&D chaps can come up with next. But why do we need them, huh? What are we doing with all of these 'gadgets'? Shouldn't we be thinking about Mother Nature? And trying our hardest to be better people who want to do more pro-active things?

Bela in Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space Poster
In my eyes this is the message that's at the center of this film. Not the gloss. And is most probably why I should change the subject pretty quickly, and present you with these timely filmic facts. (1) Although this $60,000 production was shot in 1956, and copyrighted in 1957, 'Valiant Pictures' never got around to releasing it until the 22nd of July, 1959. (2) The director, Edward D. Wood Junior, managed to persuade a Baptist Church to fund this film, by coaxing several cast members to be baptized by them, as well as changing the original name from 'Grave Robbers from Outer Space', to 'Plan 9 from Outer Space'. (3) This was Bela Lugosi's last film appearance, because he died before it was completed. Moreover, Bela's 'stand-in' was Ed Wood's wife chiropractor -- Tom Mason -- who was considerably taller than he was. (4) 'The Golden Turkey Award's' named this movie the 'Worst Film of All Time'. (5) Not only did Bela Lugosi supply his own Dracula costume for this adventure, but Tor Johnson's son -- Karl -- also 'outsourced' the police cars and uniforms from his place of work -- the San Fernando Police Department. (6) The majority of this movie was shot on an independent sound-stage called 'Quality Studios', located in Santa Monica Boulevard. Furthermore, the initial scene with Bela Lugosi in it -- taken just prior to his death, and included into the film later -- was recorded in front of Tor Johnson's house. Plus the cemetery was the 'Pioneer Memorial Cemetery' in Sylmar, California. (7) Prior to going to work every day, Maila Nurmi said she had to put on her Vampire makeup and costume at home, and then take the bus into the studio. (8) Even though Greg Walcott just hated the script, he still reluctantly signed on for this project.

Scene from Plan 9 From Outer Space

OK, I have to admit, none of these facts were about ecological issues or the paper plates used as flying saucers in this piece. But why should it, huh? 'Plan Nine From Outer Space' has been torn to shreds so much over time, I thought that it was about time someone should see it for what it truly is.

Vampirella in Plan 9 From Outer Space
"And what is that?" you may ask. Well, it's a very crap looking film with a message that is still very relevant in this more technological day an age. We shouldn't be complaining that the actors in this film look like accountants! We shouldn't be pocking fun at the curtains using in the space-ships either. Also, we should bitch, moan, or gripe, about the cardboard headstones, or the characterless characters.

This movie is a classic for one reason and one reason alone. No. Not because of the Johnny Depp film. Though that didn't hurt. It's a classic because it has heart; plus a pro-active way of translating a 'message movie' into a horror / sci-fi genre.

It looks like sh*t. Agreed. But it sure smells good. Say no more. Huh, Bela?


PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE PLAN NINE FROM OUTER SPACE Reviewed by David Andrews on January 21, 2013 Rating: 5
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