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Buddy Holly Art Picture the scene. A bulky looking man and a sexy looking lady both sitting very provocatively on top of gravestone, situated in a middle of a hospital. "Do you come here often?" says the man to the lady. "No" she replies demurely. Only for them both to then hop off of said stone, and then walk off into the distance, for no apparent reason what so ever. Now my question to you, dear reader, is this scene funny, sad, or just rather perculiar? Furthermore, would you be able to see something like this on one of those...

new drama shows

Well, most probably, huh? Nowadays you can see so much on the internet or on the television, that it wouldn't surprise me what you might come across. For example, you might see...

Sarah Silverman Sexy
Current Affair Programs
Funny Criminals
Reality TV

Boris Johnston
Wildlife Documentary's

Kim Kardshian
Banana's In Pyjamas

But do you know what I like to see the most of all, folks? More than some scantly clad bimbo bulging at the breasts? I like drama myself. Honest to God 'dramatic type' drama. One hundred percent. Only the other day I saw this clip on Blip.tv, that I thought was a right blast to watch. It was engaging. It was revealing. And it was so classy to follow, I almost forgot to download my daily dose of pooo... errr... portraits.

Now, I would like to show you an exert of the drama in question. However, the chap and chap-ettes at Blip, have informed me that I should encourage you to click on the link provided, and then have a browse for yourself. Yeah. It's a really great website. And it has all the things on it you'd ever need to facebook, tweet, view, share, or... whatever.

Me and a mate of mine use this streaming video service for research mostly. Trying our best to figure out how to pace a piece of dialogue  or present a music video, so it'll be more engaging for someone to follow. Here, check out this clip for a demonstration of our wares...

Class, right? And we couldn't have made it without Blip. No way, Jose! So go ahead. Click-Click. I'm sure you can find a great drama on there that'll be right down your alley. Trust me. It's dynamic to the touch.

THE DAY THAT MUSIC DIED AND DRAMA LIVED THE DAY THAT MUSIC DIED AND DRAMA LIVED Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on February 26, 2013 Rating: 5
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