The Trickster is accused of murder. They say he's killed a monkey with a girder. But the Flash disagrees. He says he was eating cheese. With the Weather Wizard and a local sheep herder. BAHH-BAHH! Honestly. Just ask the great creative team of Brian Buccellato and Marcio Takara if you don't believe me. But make sure the Publisher: DC Comics, don't hear you in April 2013.

Using GENERAL terms, answer the following 4 questions about this STORY entitled 'The Heroes Journey'.
  • WHAT'S THE MAIN THRUST OF THIS TALE: As soon as he sneaks out of his day-job, the fastest man alive -- The Flash -- has to quickly bag and catch the trickiest man alive -- The Trickster -- and then figure out of he is a murderer or not, before the Trickster's native people -- The Outlanders -- cause any political unrest.  
  • ARE THE MAIN OBJECTIVES ACHIEVED: Yes and No. The Flash does catch the Trickster, but apart from that... errr... no comment.  
  • ANYTHING ELSE HAPPEN: We're introduced to the Chunky Chicken 'Speed Force' duo of Albert and Gomez.  
  • HOW DOES THIS STORY END: With the Flash powerless against an outlandish 'Outlanders' prison assault.

All in all, what is the most memorable SENTENCE OR CONVERSATION spoken in this issue?
For two completely different reasons, there were two very different pieces of prose I enjoyed reading this issue. Firstly, I liked Barry's erstwhile and blue-collar tone when he said...

'There's an assumption that being a superhero is all about punching bad guys and stopping runaway trains. That's a big part of it, but it's not the whole story. It's really about using your gifts to help in every way that you can, even if that means hammering nails or putting up a dry wall'.

And secondly, I liked Gomez's sardonic yelp when he shouted at the Flash...

'Marrisa's just jealous because me and Albert got speed powers and all she got was fired from her job'.

Ha! You've got to love contrast, huh?

What are the BEST bits about this issue?
(+) I did enjoy the notion that Albert and Gomez got their powers whilst trapped in the speed force, and I am very curious as to how this new development will play out in the future. Let's hope they stick around, huh? They appear to be very interesting characters.  
(+) Even though the premise behind this story has been done to death many times before -- a hero attempting to save a villain from crimes he did not commit -- at the same time I did like the inclusion of 'The Outlanders' into this tale. To me, it just adds a certain passion and a certain 'spice', thus making what was once haggard somewhat fresh again.
(+) Wasn't it nice to see Barry happy at the start of this adventure for a change? Shame life had to spoil things for him. Ha!
(+) Please, DC, I want a robot arm like the Trickster. Come on. I'll be your friend!

What are the WORST bits about this issue?
(-) I felt as if the initial 'set up' to this story was a bit too forced in execution. I mean, what are the odds that the Trickster gets arrested at the same time Barry turns up for work and Albert and Gomez are in the vicinity?
(-) As much as I did enjoy Marcio's artwork, in places, it did look a bit too 'bitty' or 'scratchy' on the page. Not much. Agreed. Just a bit.

Choose TWO CHARACTERS out of this comic book, and then compare them to two REAL LIFE PEOPLE.
THE WRIGHT BROTHERS AS ALBERT AND GOMEZ: Alright. I know that this isn't a perfect match. Unlike the bros, Al and Gomez aren't related, are from completely different ethnic backgrounds, and have a way about them that's more urban than rural. However, whilst saying that, what they do have in common with the Wright Brothers, is a passion and a temerity to improve on who they are and what they are doing with their respective lives.

See? It does make sense.  

What QUOTE would be appropriate to sum-up this story?
'The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool' -- Stephen King

What SONG, THEME-TUNE, or MELODY, would complement this tale, as well as add and extra dimension to it by default?
'LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE' BY BANANARAMA: For reasons most probably not intended by the aforementioned melody, I do find that this story and this song both share a number of similar qualities. They're both lively, energetic, and involve the topics of innocence and passion.    

OK, so in my eyes this particular issue of 'the Flash' was a mixed bag to say the least. On the one hand I liked the overall story and the innovative ideas behind it. Whilst on the other hand the artwork felt a bit rushed in places, plus the initial 'set-up' was very naive at best.   

Still, you can't win them all, can you? You can't expect Brian and company to kill themselves each and every week, thinking of bigger and better things to do than what has come before. Moreover, I hope that whatever they have coming up next with Darth Mauls second-cousin is also well worth the wait. Fingers crossed.  

GIVE IT, IT'S DUES: If This Comic Book Gave Of a Scent, It Would Be A Wholesome Scent Filled With Maze, Barley, And A Touch Of Cinnamon. Nice!

FLASH #18 FLASH #18 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 23, 2013 Rating: 5
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