According to Dickipedia, 'The Walking Dead' is an American television series, based on a collection of horror comics written by Robert Kirkman, and drawn by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. According to me though, 'The Walking Dead' is a mega-sized compendium, I'm intending to give away, all thanks to those crazy cats at...

Appliances Online

Yeah. I'm not messing about, folks. Do you see the picture displayed on the side of the page? Well, that's what you can win if you follow the following four instructions.

Step One) Look at the image below.

Step Two) Write one -- and only one -- stupid caption in the Disqus comment system provided.

Step Three) Just in case you win, you must log into Disqus with an account I can contact you by.

Step Four) Once you've posted your comment, you have to share this post via Twitter, Facebook, G+, or... whatever.

Furthermore, I best warn you that you have to also live in US, Canada, or the UK, to qualify for this competition, plus you've got to make sure you submit your entry by midnight, on the 20th of May, 2013, Greenwich Mean Time.  OK. So have you got all that? Good. And good luck too.

The Walking Dead