EARTH 2 #21

Holy cr*p! Can you see that, folks? That cover provided! Depicting the good Doctor being as lifeless as a Justin Bieber fan? My God! I hope in hell Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott haven't done something silly with him in April, 2014! Or else DC Comics may do something even zanier! You know. Like dance on a bed of nails.

To QUOTE Confucius: 'Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure'.

Dear People Living On Earth 2.

Now as you all well know, Superman has recently been smashing the world up pretty damn badly, and I was wondering when any of you were going to do something to stop him.

Well. Let's face it. Your metahuman contingent keeps on squabbling amongst themselves. Commander Khan seems to be running scared. Plus any major business person with some cash to splash has headed to the moon in a spaceship.

So come on. Stick your fingers out. One of you has to be able to do something to stop him. What are you waiting for? Are your waiting for Khan and your metahuman's to join forces via a watery ally?

Hmmm. On second thought's. That might work.

Yours sincerely.

Mister Miracle (who's currently being possessed by Baron Bedlam with the Two Mister Terrifics)

Despite this first part of 'The Kryptonian' not doing very much in terms of plot points or in major story beats, that's not to say I didn't love reading it either.

For a start, I have to applaud Nicola Scott for drawing some of the most dramatic evil Superman pages I've ever seen in my life. Honestly. The sight of Superman ripping off Atom Smashers arm and then massacring those people in outer space was a right sight for sore eyes. Bar none.  

Also, the interaction between some of the characters on this book was great to follow too. Take that scene in the Batcave for example. I couldn't help but grin like a git when Batman had an argument with Connor Hawk. Plus when Red Tornado and Jimmy Olsen then stepped up to the plate, my God, what a scream that was.

Oh! And another thing I best mention is that I did like how this tale resolved itself, with the insinuation that the 'band will get back together' with the inclusion of Aquawoman and Khan. And in addition to this, that concluding scene with the two Terrific's and Mister Miracle, does give me some hope that this series is preparing to kick into overdrive anytime soon, Hint-Hint!  

I suppose the only problem I had with this comic is that it wasn't one cohesive story-line, but rather a selection of scenes cobbled together by a unifying thread (i.e. What the f*ck should we do with Superman?).

Now that's not to say this is a bad-bad thing, yet it did take me quite a bit of time to come to grips with what it was trying to accomplish.   

When I saw that beautify illustrated image of all of those people drifting off into space, after Superman did a very naughty thing to the spacecraft they were flying in, a song slowly crept into my mind that I thought was very appropriate somehow. Norman Greenbaum's rock anthem, 'Spirit in the Sky'.

Do you know that warm feeling you can get when you're basking in the sun and waiting for your skin to tan, well, that was the feeling I got when I read this expansive escapade.

Slightly relaxed. Slightly impatient. And totally loving it.

Now after doing a bit of snooping around facebook, twitter, and... well... whatever else came my way, I've come to the conclusion that the people who don't like this series don't like it for what it is but rather for what it isn't.

Well. Let's face it. When this title began two years ago, DC kind of promoted it as being another 'Justice Society of America' book, spearheaded by an alternate version of that team's line-up. But it's not a 'JSA' book, is it? Since Tom has stepped on board he has transformed the concept behind this series to mean something else altogether.

Admittedly, at the moment I'm not quite sure what Tom's concept is all about. Yet having said that, I do know that 'Earth 2' has been given a bigger playground within recent months, and that playground is getting bigger and bigger by the issue.  

Nuff said.

EARTH 2 #21 EARTH 2 #21 Reviewed by David Andrews on March 20, 2014 Rating: 5
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