Throughout the ages there have always been a number of very savage people like Vandal Savage or Savage Wolverine for instance. But for the first time in May, 2014, DC Comic's are proud to present their very first Savage City. It was cobbled together using glue by those two blokes who keep on scratching their own nuts, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

To QUOTE any contestant seen on the now defunct quiz show, 'Blockbusters': 'Can I have a "B" please, Bob?'.

Greetings, fellow Gothamites. It's the Riddler here. Streaming live across the airwaves and dying to know which one of you will be cleaver enough to take back their city from my nefarious clutches.

I mean, could it be you, Bruce Wayne? Who doesn't really seem to know what the hell he's doing at the moment! Or what about you, Lieutenant Gordon? Who's currently hatching a plan that's bound of fail! Better yet, could it be, you... errr... no. I'm not saying anymore. Cause I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, would I? I'd rather be playing dominoes with your buildings instead.

BOOM! See?

As per usual, Scott and Greg have done us proud by creating another amazing tale jam-packed with artistic visuals and an encompassing story-line. Honestly. This book is so good I can hardly find the words within myself to say what I feel about it.

Well, on a conceptual level it does have a very basic premise. What with the bad guy setting up shop within a city he has his grips on, without anyone else seemingly knowing what they can do to stop him. Yet thankfully, due to Scott's intriguing approach to story-telling, he's somehow managed to add a number of questions to the plot you know will be answered sooner of later.   

For instance, what the hell happened to Julia Madison all those years ago? How will Bruce find a way to beat back the Riddler? What role will Jim play within this scenario? Plus who the hell is that Thomas kid? And will we see him again?

Cause he was a good kid, eh?

The only thing about this adventure I wasn't too keen on would be that part where Gordon's men attempted to bribe the Riddler. From my point of view you could tell straight off the bat this ploy wasn't going to work out. Especially since this is the first part of a much larger story-line.  

In England there is a quiz program called 'Countdown'. And in it there is a musical theme which is both quizzical, suspenseful, and very bold to listen to. Here. Listen for yourself, dear reader, and you can tell why I'm comparing it to this dynamic adventure.

Once again I'm going to go down the 'quiz show' route for my compassion. This time though I'm going to compare it to my favorite English program, Eggheads, because this is my favorite comic book too. He!

As I sit here in front of my computer screen, wondering how I can sum up this first part of 'Savage City', for some strange reason a Batman story-line of old has suddenly popped into my mind.

Now can anyone out there remember 'The Destroyer'? It was a three-part crossover event created by Alan Grant, Dennis O'Neil, Chris Sprouse, Jim Aparo, and Norm Breyfogle. And basically it told a tale of how Batman had to stop some nutter from blowing up all of the new building's in Gotham City, mainly because the git wanted the older buildings to shine through.

It was pretty decent story, actually. And it had some really great moments that kind of reminds' me of this current story-line. Particularly since they both touch upon the differences between the old Gotham and the new Gotham. Plus the adventurous spirits they've both got in spades.

Know what I mean? Nuff said.

BATMAN #30 BATMAN #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on April 29, 2014 Rating: 5
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