Peter Serafinowicz Peter Serafinowicz is a celebrity who is perhaps not as well-known as many others, but his involvement in all things media is a different story. He is an English actor, a comedian, and a voice artist. He has also dipped his toes in many things, including music videos and he has even been in some video games. He is a man of many talents.

His most well-known appearance is that of Pete in Shaun of the Dead. Most will only recognise him from this, but he has been in numerous other films as well. The Calcium Kid, The World's End and Ibid have all seen his acting skills as well as television programmes such as Little Britain and the IT Crowd. Perhaps one of his most famous (but less known) roles was when he did the dubbing voice of Darth Maul in the Star Wars episode The Phantom Menace.

Darth Maul
His most recent work has been the background voice in the advert for motors.co.uk titled Carfuffle. It is about a lady called Amy who is experiencing a bit of a 'Carfuffle' as she struggles to find the right car for her as there are so many around now to choose from. It is represented as an inner fear which is conveyed through rotating merry go round.

As well as television, Peter has also dabbled in radio (radio stations such as Radio 1 and Radio 4) and has done some writing as well. If all this wasn't enough, he has been in some music video's such as 'I feel better' by Hot Chip.

Peter was born on the 20th July, 1972, to a working class family. He has progressed in his career over the years, making use of his great talent and he is married with two children. Being a man of many talents has increased his fan base and like many others today, he also has a twitter account. It may not surprise you that he has a vast number of twitter followers – the number now reaching over 600,000 followers. He is also ranked as being one of the top 50 most followed people on twitter.

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