Now what did Hal Jordan say to the Guardians of the Universe when he was first introduced to the other members of the Green Lantern Corps? "I may not know their names yet, but they sure have a familiar ring!". Ha! Take that Robert Venditti, Billy Tan, and DC Comics. Especially in July, 2014.

To QUOTE Stephen King: 'The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool'.

Now I've managed to learn the following four facts about the Durlans whilst reading this third chapter of 'Uprising'. One: Never trust them with explosive devises. Two: They must have great difficulty brushing their teeth. Three: Hal Jordan wants to find them. And Four:  A recently captured Nol-anj knows where they are and what they're up to next, and is willing to cut a deal with Hal to point him in the right direction.

Class dismissed. 

Cause this chapter of 'Green Lantern' was one part of a much larger and more expansive story-line, in essence, all it had to do was progress the plot along further in the right direction, and in so doing spread a bit of character and action into the mix.

'And did it do just that?' you might ask yourself. 'Did Robert and Billy manage to integrate these components into the overall story-line?'. Why yes, dear reader. Of course they did. As per usual Robert's simple yet engaging narrative worked very well with Billy's ever impressive set of visuals. More than that, though, what I liked most about this installment was how it was told from the wrong end of the spectrum.

Well, instead of it being relayed from Hal's point of view, I found a large chunk of the plot was told from Nol-anj's point of view. And to me -- personally speaking -- this take gave this segment a nice little twist to make it stand out from the crowd.

Good job.

The only slight problem I had with this adventure was that structurally it zipped about all over the place without really defining what the central premise was until half way through. 

Not that this is bad-bad thing, of course. Cause I could still manage to follow the tale pretty damn well. It's just that tonally and logically it took me more time than usual to understand what this issue was supposed to be.

'Sexy Sadie' by the Beatles is a song about how they felt disenchanted with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, after they went to Bangor with him to learn his spiritual teachings.  

Yep. That's correct. The fab-four got pissed off by what he had on offer. And in protest they come up with a light melody instead of an explosive device, Ha!

At the very heart of this tale is one simple message that screams out to the heavens, 'never trust a power hungry b*stard'. And to me, nothing say's 'power hungry b*stard' more than Simon Cowell, ha!

For arguments sake let's say the Durlan's actually conquer the entire solar system, in the process snuff out the Corps and anyone else who comes their way. What next I wonder? Will they fight amongst themselves? Would they form their own pop-group? Or better yet, would they...

  1. Outlaw people with the name Adrian after watching the movie 'Rocky'.
  2. Kill anyone who can bush their teeth without the aide of a mop.
  3. Start up their own Elvis Presley tribute act, calling themselves 'The Sins of Rock and Roll'.
  4. Decide that oranges are bad for your mental heath after attempting to mate with one.
  5. Praise Hal and the Corps for making the ultimate sacrifice, before dancing around on their graves to the tune of 'Sexy Sadie'.
  6. Eat heartily and do f*ck all.
  7. Write a blog post about how things were a lot better prior to the New 52.
  8. Use the internet to search for naked pictures of hippos and elephants.
  9. Re-conquer the galaxy once again, but this time do it butt naked.
  10. Tweet Billy Tan and Robert Venditti because they're such swell guys.

Nuff said. 

GREEN LANTERN #32 GREEN LANTERN #32 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 24, 2014 Rating: 5
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