Out of the following five people, who do you think should be in charge of the next incarnation of the Justice League? Should it be: (A) Shakira. (B) Geoff Johns. (C) Lex Luthor. (D) Miley Cyrus. Or (E) Ivan Reis. Want to know the answer? Then please check out this issue Published by: DC Comics, in June, 2014.

To QUOTE William James: 'The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of the cause'.

Welcome Justice League. Welcome on board your brand new Watchtower, I meticulously rebuilt with my own fair hands. Well, as you clearly can see, my friends, everything is in tit-top condition. Plus I've even gone to the expense of recruiting for you an additional member -- the hero called 'Shazam'.

What's more, since the press have labelled me 'The savior of the Crime Syndicate saga', what say you accept me into your ranks as well? Me -- Your recent ally -- Lex Luthor.

Now doesn't that sound like a great plan, guys and girls? Or do you have other issues you wish to contend with first? Like the apprehension of 'The Secret Society' for instance? Or locating the whereabouts of that mischievous yet elusive power ring?

Cause there were so many good points to this months installment of the 'Justice League', I think it best if I rattle off my opinions in a very straight forward and simple manner. You know. Just so I don't sound like a rambling goon, Ooooggaa-Ogga! 

For a start, I must applaud those jovial exchanges between Batman and the Flash -- as well as that scene between Diana and Luthor -- because in my eyes these segments gave this tale that extra special spin. Very much like a cherry on top of an iced-bun.

Secondly, it was nice seeing the League working together again. As it honestly looks like they've learned a very valuable lesson after their arduous experience with the 'Crime Syndicate'.

Thirdly, Ivan Reis's artwork was amazing on the page. And I especially loved the way his caricatures appeared cartoon-ish and natural at the same time.

Fourthly, the mysterious and sudden appearance of the Doom Patrol was a nice little touch. And I can't wait to find out what DC has in store for them next.

And fifthly -- Leonard Snart, Shazam, and Jessica Cruz -- ohhhh! This is going to be good, Yipppeeeee!

The only problem I had with this adventure was the obvious way it kicked off. Well. Let's face it. From the get go we're presented with a three page introductory sequence, depicting Lex Luthor and Leonard Snart standing by the Justice Leagues side. Then the tale goes back to the beginning, before it gradually makes its way slowly to the front again.

Now please don't get me wrong. Normally I enjoy this sort of novelized storytelling technique. In this case, though, I felt that it took an aura of suspense away from the basic premise -- i.e. where's Luthor? -- as you knew he was going to show up sooner or later.  

Also, is the League actually thinking about accepting Lex's 'Watchtower gift'? Or do you think Batman would only accept it, because he has other things on his mind? A devious plan perhaps? Hint-hint!

Before he attempted to persuade the League to allow him to join their group, I wonder if Lex Luthor prepared himself by thinking about the following song?

Go on. Click on this Etta James classic and you can see why...

If like me, you've already watched that Robert De Niro movie Leonard Snart mentioned in this issue -- 'Heat' -- then I suppose without the superhero element, you can safely say these two are a fairly good match.

On a conceptual level this flick is about a villain who tries -- and fails -- to change the error of his ways. Ha! See what I mean?

Now something I've deliberately failed to mention in my review is the manner in which this tale ended. By now I'm sure you know I don't like to spoil anything for those of you who haven't picked up this book yet. Although, what I can say, is that it ends on a scene involving Lex Luthor visiting Wayne Manor, and approaching Alfred Pennyworth by the front-door.

Oohhh! Doesn't that sound's exciting? And do you know what makes this cliff hanger even more exciting? It's what Lex says to Alfred afterwards. But what could it be? Surely not...

  1. Suck it.
  2. Would you like to join the Justice League?
  3. How come you haven't lost your English accent yet?
  4. I have come to collect a debt your boss owes me. 
  5. Do you want to save money on your utility bills?
  6. Can you tell Batman that Lex Luthor is here to see him?
  7. Where's Dick?
  8. Hey! Why are you still sporting a tash? That's so eighties.
  9. Alfred, you're my father.

Ha! Go on. Have a guess? What could it hurt? Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 JUSTICE LEAGUE #30 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 03, 2014 Rating: 5
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