Do you think it's possible to actually change the future by rectifying the mistakes of the past? If so, then please check out this rather nifty adventure Created by: Robert Venditti, Brett Booth, and Published by DC Comics in August, 2014. The futures bright. The future is nowhere to be seen.

To QUOTE Robert H. Schuller: 'Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines'.

Out of the following two scenarios which one do you think is going to be more troublesome for Barry 'The Flash' Allen? Would it be: (A) Stopping the mash-up killer from killing anyone else? Or would it be (B): Witnessing Wally confront his Uncle Daniel in prison?

What's more, out of these two aforementioned scenarios, which one will be connected to the Future Flash running back in time and... errr... blah-blah-blah? Yeah! Let's see, shall we? By picking up this issue and hoping for the best!!!!  

To be absolutely honest with you, Flash fans, this is one of those issues where I quite enjoyed the artwork, yet didn't enjoy the actual story-line in itself.

Now please don't get me wrong. I did find that scene between Wally and Daniel a very captivating read. Go so far as to say that I liked it even more when Barry revealed that he had to pay Daniel for it afterwards. But as for the rest of this tale on the other hand, well... ouch... what can I say? Not much really. It was a nice issue. A fairly nice issue. Although I'm sure I would have liked it more if certain parts of it didn't feel disposable by default -- a point which I will come to later, of course.

On a positive note I was relieved that Patty aired her grievances towards Barry about him spending most of his time with Wally and Iris -- thank God. Plus I did find it rather intriguing now the speed force is causing problems for both the present and future Flash -- oooohhh!  

Overall there were only two real problems I had with this adventure.

Firstly, as much as I do love looking at Brett Booth's rendition of the Flash, I'm afraid to say I wasn't too keen on how he draws too many yellow-speed-lines over his costume.  From my point of view this heavy-handed stylisation is seemingly turning Flash into an 'Image' character more than a 'DC' character. Especially now these lines feel like a more permanent fixture!

And secondly, even though I did like how this section was included within the latter part of the book, at the same time I didn't like how the 'mash-up killer scenario' was resolved so quickly at the start of it. Honestly, dear reader. This 'resolution' came across like a 'throw away' piece of narrative. Literally causing me to gasp, 'Is that it?' when it finally came to an end.  

After reading that scene where Wally spoke to his Uncle, suddenly, a tune came to mind that sort of summed it up to a tea. So it's over to you, Fleetwood Mac, with your pop-classic, 'Tell Me Lies'.

I'm sure you will agree with me when I say both parts of this adventure have something to do with resolving some sort of dilemma. So with that in mind, dear reader, how can I not compare it to the one and only sex shrink of the nineties, Doctor Ruth Westheimer?

Hey! Verks for me, darlings!

At the very end of this book, Future-Flash is in the process of killing one of his old advertises before they can cause Wally West's death. So just for the shear hell of it, why don't you try to guess who the f*ck it is out of the following eight suspects? I mean, could it be...

  1. Adolf Hitler -- who's come back from the dead and is now selling time shares in Afghanistan.  
  2. Abra Kadabra -- who's showing David Blaine how it's done properly.
  3. Mister T -- who won't get on no aeroplane for anybody, fool.  
  4. Captain Boomerang -- who's thoroughly polishing his bent-stick with a damp-cloth.
  5. Lady Gaga -- who's in the process of wearing a pile of horse manure on her head.
  6. Reverse Flash -- who's running into some sort of trouble.  
  7. Doctor Ruth Westheimer -- who's still going on about sex and whatnot.
  8. Max Mercury -- who's wondering if he's actually part the New52.

Nuff said. 

FLASH #34 FLASH #34 Reviewed by David Andrews on September 10, 2014 Rating: 5
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