Superman With Ma and Pa Kent Yes, the rumors are true. Superman has decided to give online dating a bash after tiring of his on-off romance with Lois Lane and Wonder Woman. He’s reported to have taken this brave decision following long conversations with his mom in Smallville. Bless her cotton socks. 'Supes' is now looking for a girl next-door type, who likes the simpler things in life. Interested? Then read on…

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Name: Clark Kent or Kal-El, but I prefer the simple “Superman, or Supes”, if that's ok.
Ethnicity: I'm the last son of the dead planet called Krypton (I was rocketed to earth) but at heart I'm very much a patriotic American citizen. Yeah. It does sound cooler than it actually is.
Age: All I’ll say is that I look pretty good for my age... whatever that is.
Build: I don't think about it much but I'd like to think I was pretty athletic I guess. Kinda strong.
Height: 6’ 3’’ in heels. 
Eyes: Blue. They can actually see through clothes and buildings and stuff and project lazers that cut through concrete. But during my day job as a reporter I like to wear thick-rimmed specs as they need the rest!
Style: Suits in the day job, then tight Lycra with a cape the rest of the time. I have red shiny pants for every day of the week. Clean I must add! My mom insists on doing my laundry.
Occupation: Journalist for the Daily Planet, International Hero with powers of flight, speed, strength, and endurance. I am proud to represent America and the rest of the world fighting good over evil. I stand for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Sounds kinda heavy but I’m actually pretty easy going.

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Hobbies: World peace, really. Fighting baddies. Saving children. Flying. Stopping dams and earthquakes. You know. The usual stuff. I run real fast too. I suppose it's fair to say I'd be waiting at the finishing line as Usain Bolt left the blocks. I must do that one day. 

Travel: I'm not scared of flying yet prefer not to use a plane. I can manoeuvre around skyscrapers like a slalom-racer. My date would need a head for heights. When it all gets too much, I fly back to Smallville to see mom for pumpkin pie and help with the harvest. I hold the record for the fastest baler in Smallville and the surrounding counties. I guess I always will. 

Tell us about yourself: Er... ok. Hi. I’m Superman. I’m a simple kinda guy. I guess some would call me a ‘hayseed’ who grew up on a staple diet of Cal Smith tunes. My adoptive parents kept me pretty grounded. 

When I'm not a 'superhero' -- I hate that word -- I keep my head down and try and get the prize stories in my job as a reporter. I like my ladies to be kind, clever, and pretty down to earth. A farm or country girl would be ideal and she'd have to get on with my mom.

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Vices: Apart from heading off for the nearest telephone box at a drop of a hat, I sometimes underestimate my own strength, so holding hands could mean broken fingers. I’ve kinda got a naughty habit of checking what underwear ladies wear. I don't always mean to, but -- wow -- I see that English girls tend to forget theirs!!!!

Perks: If anyone parks in your space, don't worry, I can move any vehicle pretty darn easily, or hold the bus or stop the train if you’re late for work. Literally. 

I'm pretty gutsy I guess. I've got steel balls. No really. I have. Ask me to move the earth for you? I can do it. I hope these quirky extras help raise my online dating profile and help me stand out from the other guys.

Message me if:
  • You don’t mind your man wearing tights
  • You don’t mind me disappearing from a date at short (well, no) notice
  • You like your man to be strong
  • You like buns of steel. 
  • You have a head for heights
  • You don't mind that your new ‘hot date’ underwear will be no surprise to me
  • You don’t mind Cal Smith, on repeat

So would you be won over by Superman’s dating profile? Come on. Tell us @Lovestruck