In the month of October, 2014, DC Comics will garnish their covers with a monstrous piece of artwork. Ben Percy will acknowledge this fact by completely disregarding it. Where as John Paul Leon will take a piece of chalk and then play naughts and crosses with a potato. You have been duly warned.

To QUOTE F. Scott Fitzgerald: 'Show me a hero and I'll write you a tragedy'.

One dark and stormy night an airplane suddenly crash lands into a Gotham city airport. And so it's because of this freakish occurrence that the airport has to be quarantined because of the passengers, and the passengers are all dead because they've been contaminated by a terrorist attack.

Next up, Batman and a group of security personal have to figure out who instigated this strange series of events, and they have to do it before they too die from this very same contamination.

Holy Sh*t!!

Now if you ever want to read an amazing comic book jam packed with intrigue, suspense, and a very earthy tone, then what are you waiting for, folks? Pick up this comic book today!

Honestly, dear reader. I'm not messing about. In my most humble opinion this is what I would call one hell of a classy adventure. Ben Percy's catastrophically grand story-line had a seventies quality I just adored following. John Paul Leon's style of grounded artwork complemented Ben's story to such an extent, at times I thought I was watching a Hollywood disaster movie. And all in all -- Wow! -- the complete package was just magical to spend some time with. Not only because of what I've just mentioned, but because this is a great way to start off a tale that is one part class, one part titivating, and all parts Batman.

Say no more.

Oh dear. I can't think of anything negative to write here, my friends.  Sorry about that. All of a sudden my mind has gone blank because this adventure was so superb. No. It was better than superb. It was suuuupppperrrrrrrbbbbb -- with a cherry on top garnished with plenty of chocolate coated sprinkles, complemented with a fifty dollar bill for every day of the week.

Yes. That does mean I liked it.

Now I know this might sound rather strange, but whenever I see an airport tragedy on the news or on the internet, I always recollect the theme tune to the eighties comedy classic, Airplane. So with that in mind, dear reader, can you guess what I'm going to musically match up this comic book with? And no. Don't call me Shirley.

While I'm on the subject of 'Airplane', did you know that this film was a spoof on a seventies disaster movie starring Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster, Jacqueline Bisset, and George Kennedy, called 'Airport'?

No? You didn't! Oh! What a shame. Then you might not be able to appreciate my comic book comparison.

At the very end of this issue it was revealed who was the mastermind behind the aforementioned terrorist attack. So just for fun -- kind of -- can you guess who the terrorist is out of the following eight suspects?

  1. Saddam Hussein -- even though he's dead -- allegedly.
  2. V from 'V for Vendetta' -- even though he's a fictional character -- allegedly.
  3. Bugs Bunny -- even though he's fairly attractive dressed as a woman -- allegedly.
  4. Magnus Magnuson -- even though I've never heard of him before -- allegedly.
  5. The IRA -- even though they don't talk about the potato famine anymore -- allegedly.
  6. Miley Cyrus -- even though she's a popular singer -- allegedly.
  7. Kanye West -- see previous answer -- allegedly.
  8. Dan Didio -- The top dog behind DC Comics -- ehhh.... do I have to write 'allegedly' again? Because I'm sure you get the gag by now!

Nuff said. 

DETECTIVE COMICS #35 DETECTIVE COMICS #35 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 14, 2014 Rating: 5
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