Captain Future Project In the future things will be the same but very different. The sky will be blue, yet the ocean will be green. The air will be high, yet the roads will be low. And my interviews will be logical, yet my interviewees will be creative. Now for a good illustration of this, please check out my great tete-a-tete with David Guivant, the director of the 'Captain Future Project'.

New Caledonia 1) What are your own origins, Dave? Plus what path did you take in life prior to getting to were you are today?   I was born in the South Pacific island of New Caledonia. I travelled abroad to study visual arts at the Lasalle SIA College of Arts, Singapore, and the Griffith University in Australia. Upon returning home, I worked as a Freelance Graphic Designer and was employed for several years as a Drawing lecturer at several New Caledonian High Schools.

I recently gained my certification from "The Digital Animation and Visual Effects school" at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida. I also worked on "The Solo Adventures" -- a Star Wars inspired student film which featured Han Solo and Chewbacca. This animated short won "Best Fan Animated Short Film" at the Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando by director George Lucas who was the judge at the event.

I have also worked as pre-production artist on ANTHRO by director Aristomenis Tsirbas (Mechwarrior and Battle for Terra).

After teaching Visual Effects and Drawing in Singapore, I then completed a course in compositing at Escape Studios, London. Post-production is now beginning on my latest project -- a live adaptation of the 1980's hit cartoon series: Mobile • Armored • Strike • Kommand (M.A.S.K) as well as seeking employment in the visual effects and motion picture industries.

2) What inspired you to become a graphic designer / animator?   I have always been fascinated with artwork and design. Growing up I collected comics, trading cards, and movie artbooks. I wanted to design my own trading cards and produce my own movie posters.

The design period lasted for only a short while before I moved on to teaching drawing and painting at several high schools in New Caledonia.

I have always imagined what a GIJOE or TRANSFORMERS movie would look like so while I was teaching I was also designing and painting my own trading cards in order to break into the industry. But the images remained static, I wanted to make them move and bring them to life. My fascination with film and animation led me to create a comedy short entitled: "GEORGE LUCAS: LEGEND OF THE FORCE" which paid homage to the Directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Lucasfilm magazine France selected my short for screening at the GRAND REX THEATRE in Paris as part of the "STAR WARS REUNION 2005". "GEORGE LUCAS: LEGEND OF THE FORCE" was also honored at several European Conventions as well as Metz and Melbourne for the "FORCE IV event".

I headlined a special event at The Singapore Science Center's, "THE ART OF STARWARS EXHIBITION". There I showcased my short films and discussed my other projects including "PRIME OF THE JEDI" -- a sequel to the STAR WARS trilogy involving the Solo Twins. In 2006, I directed and created the visual effects for a live action fan made pilot called the 'Invincible Iron Man' TV Show, based on the Marvel comics' famous superhero.

This was followed with the live action anime Captain Future (Live Action Anime), based on the American pulp classic comic books classic created by Edmond Hamilton and the Japanese Anime from the 70's.

Captain Future
3) Can you briefly tell us about some of your projects? What have you learnt about yourself through this endeavour? And were their any unforeseen obstacles you had to contend with along the way?   Indeed, I would like to present some of my projects which are done Tokustatsu style. All of my artistic projects are non-profit and serve as demo reels to apply for jobs in the entertainment industry.

TOKUSATSU (特撮?) : is a Japanese term that applies to any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects (tokusatsu literally translates as "special filming" in Japanese).

CAPTAIN FUTURE FAN FILM TEASER 2014 : As an admirer of classic Animes and Mangas, I have just completed a project called CAPTAIN FUTURE (Live Action Anime) inspired by the Sci-Fi classic created by Edmond Hamilton and the Japanese Anime from the 70's. The main character is Curtis Newton, a brilliant scientist and adventurer who roams the solar system solving problems, righting wrongs, and vanquishing futuristic super-villains.

The hero has had many incarnations and different features depending on the various artist's impressions. My project takes places 5 years after the events described in the novels and the Anime.

Following in the footsteps of my favorite Tokusatsu series, Gaban and Kamen Rider, this project was shot using a mini dv camera in a classroom located at Blaise Pascal Highschool in New Caledonia. The project had a budget of 750 Euros.

Captain Future
Pascal Refloch’, webmaster of the Captain Future fan site, compiled a substantial amount of data on the character itself and it’s diverse origin. Much to my surprise, I found out that Captain Future had it’s roots in America and appeared for the first time in pulp comics and then later in science fiction novels.

In the 70s Toei Animation adapted the novels in the form of anime which was broadcast in Europe as well as America.

TRUE TOKUSATSU SPIRIT : We wanted to make the costumes and props in Tokusatsu style and the physical armour was built for that purpose.

Sculptor, Abel Lasserre, who plays the character Oto, previously built a Star Wars Boba Fett armour costume and thus was perfect for creating the Captain Future suit. Abel is an English teacher who also shaved his head for the role in this film.

In order to learn how we could create our own Captain Future armour, we studied various Japanese series including Uchu kara no messeji: Ginga taisen (released as San Ku kai in New Caledonia) as well as Space Sheriff Gaban (X-OR), and during my travels I also brought back storybooks from Kamen Rider 555 at the Kinokuniya Bookstores.

But we soon realised that we faced the same constraints as all the other prop makers in that the body armour becomes very restricted for the actors in terms of their mobility once the armour was worn.

To alleviate this, we took a diving suit, some glossy cardboard and strips of leather that would simulate the armour, and then glued it together with sticky tape and clips. A round tupperware container was used to simulate the torso light.

Our tailor - Marie-Thérese - used her experience from making cosplay costumes for her daughters and used crimson cloth and leather (cut out from her couch!) to make one of the costumes for the Android Oto.

CAPTAIN FUTURE VFX 2014 ✧ ORGANIC VISUAL EFFECTS : The project is all produced using 2D compositing techniques, following director Kazuaki Kirya's footsteps (Casshern, Goemon) where cartoon and live action collide (no 3D has been involved).

This is not a remake or direct adaptation from the novel but it is a live action sequel that takes place 5 years after the novels and the classic anime.

Here are some creative tricks which may be of interest to your readers.
  • While on a tiny budget of $900 (From my pocket), I had to resort to various tricks in order to create different worlds.
  • Director George Lucas used potatoes for the asteroids in the Empire Strikes Back and salt for the waterfalls in The Phantom Menace, so why couldn't we use similar ideas? Thus, most elements used in this reel are composites made of food!

Here are some examples that we used.
  • The planet is made of an ice cream Scoop.
  • The lunar landscape - headquarters of Captain Future - is comprised of homemade crêpes desaturated in Photoshop.
  • The alien creatures are made of many edible items, including egg rolls, pizzas, chicken tandoori, eggs and pepperoni.
  • The look of the hyperspace was made from stretched lettuce (which was radial blurred in Photoshop), while the asteroids were actually home made chicken nuggets.
  • Alain Welhsbach - my friend and insect photographer - gave me some his pictures which were then used for Princess Inana's armour.
  • Pieces of Fishing reels were also used to create the parts of the Captain’s armour and weapons.

Captain Future has already been selected to be screened at several events worldwide, including:
  • Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film 2014 Festival (Washington) 
  • Gameplay 2014 (Belgique)
  • StarGeek Universe 2 (Lyon)
  • Shore Leaves 2014 (Baltimore)
  • Le Salon de Geeks (2014)
  • Salon du Jouet 2014 (Basillac)
  • Fed con 2014 (Allemagne) présenté par le journaliste Robert Vogel
  • Annecy Off 2014
  • Manga Dax 2014 (France0
  • Detcon 1(Michigan)
  • Spocon SF & F 2014(Washington)
  • Malta Comicon (2014)
  • AnimaGeek 2014 (France) 
I am also working on a live action version of Mobile • Armored • Strike • Kommand (M.A.S.K ). Principal photography ended in February 2012 and the project is slated for a Dec 2016 release.

4) What song would you say best represents the style of your wares and why?   I usually listen to movie soundtracks, such as those by Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, and Alan Silvestri. It helps a lot with the creative process.

Since I am now working on my M.A.S.K project, I am listening to the Scorpions, Within Temptation and Nightwish. It gives me the same experience I had while watching Transformers the movie from 1986.

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas
5) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your work, who would you choose, and why would you want to choose this particular person?   Live would be the best, dead people can’t do anything for us. We always hear from people in the industry that it is about who you know in order to get into the business. It’s actually about meeting the right people at the right time.

In terms of promotion I guess any journalist, blogger, or webmaster that is opened minded and always in search for new artistic and interesting things that are made every day can do great promotion for anyone who has a potential project to share. However, I would love to catch the attention of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Michael Bay, James Gunn, Albert Pyun and Roger Corman in the USA.

Luc Besson for France. For Germany Roland Emmeric, Christian Alvart (Pandorum, Tatort) and for Japan, Shinki Aramaki (Bubblegum Crisis) , Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus, Godzilla Final Wars) and Kazuaki Kiriya (Goemon, Casshern).

6) During your time in this field, what is the one thing that has kept you in good stead?   My belief in God has kept me running. Without him I wouldn’t be anything. I always imagine too what it would be like to have movies based on our favorite comics, video games or cartoons series. If Hollywood doesn’t do it then I’m gonna produce it, at least a one or two minute non-profit teaser which will be free for people to watch.

I collect a lot of artbooks and magazines on movies, special effects, visual effects, making of's and dvds which contains featurettes and behind the scenes tips and tricks. My room looks more like a library then a filmmaking’s studio. It’s interesting to see the production paintings and what makes it onto the big screen and lots of interesting and amazing ideas that are thrown away. Each project is trial and error and the following one has to be better then the previous one.

7) If you had a personal motto, what would it be?   Never give up the dream. Keep praying to God and some doors will open some day !

And on that note, my friends, all I have left to say is please check out some of David's great projects by clicking onto his vimeo account today. Go on. Give it a go. And open up your mind to a whole new world of wonder. God bless.

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