January is Flash-month at DC Comics. And like all good flashers, Robert Venditti, Admira Wijaya, and Billy Tan decided to celebrate this occurrence by standing motionless in a field of corn, trying to act all Scandinavia. So go on. Join in. And show those blonde haired rascals how to have a jolly good time.

To QUOTE Euripides: 'Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness'.

The Guardians of the Galaxy... errr... I'm sorry. I mean 'the Universe'. Have decided to send Hal Jordan back home to Earth, until they can finally come to a decision about his status within the Green Lantern Corps.

And so, just like the nice flyboy he really is, Hal Jordan does just that. He goes back home to Earth, and bides his time by hanging around with a couple of his old pals at a local bar. You know. Pal's like Guy Gardner for instance: the red-haired pain in the ass that needs a bloody shave. Barry Allen: That idiot who can't hold his drink properly. Plus that very well endowed lady who has left him for some artist chap half her age: Carol Rayner.

Not the end. A beginning of something else.

I really love reading this type of jovial story-line, dear reader. Honestly I do. In my eyes this type of 'day in the life' styled piece has a real personal and warming tone to it. Never having to rely on large expansive battles or cross-over event's to project its main source of entertainment.

I mean, lets face it. At the moment this series really needs seeing some 'down to earth' scenes. Scenes where Barry gets drunk. Scenes where Guy and Hal play Pool together. Plus scenes involving the Three Amigos getting into a fist-fight and losing against a gang of locals. Especially when it's being illustrated by someone like Admira Wijaya! As he has that marvelous ability of making his artwork appear very expressive yet very poignant at the same time.

Oh! And let's not forget about Carol's chest either. We can't forget about that. Can we? Honk-honk!

Also, I have to applaud Robert Venditti for concocting this scenario in the first place, and bestowing it with all the charm, the grace, and the grass roots edge needed to make it what it is on the page.

'And what might that be?', you might ask yourself. 'A great tale' say's I. A great tale that was more real, more personal, and more warm than any giant monster wanting to take over the world, blah-blah-blah!

The only aspect about this adventure I wasn't very keen on was that scene where Carol explained to Hal how he should try to love himself before he can love someone else, snore-snore-snore.

Well, something like this shouldn't be said out loud by someone he once professed to love. It's not like Hal's suddenly going to go, 'Oh thank you very much for that piece of advice, Carol. I never knew that about myself until you just said it to me'. Jeez! Who does Carol think she is? Chaz and Dave?

Can you guess what song was playing in the background whilst Guy was playing Pool with Barry? Why yes. That's correct, my friends. It was...

Although a more Americanised version. Sorry for being a poxy cockney, governor.

I felt that the main crux of this story hinged on Hal Jordan biding his time until his superiors could come to some decision about his future. You know. Just like how a young child would wait outside their headmaster's office to be told to come in.

Or 'Principle', if you come from the United States. Hint-hint!

At the very end of this story Carol Ferris says something to Hal that I feel must have touched a nerve. So just for fun -- quite possibly -- can you guess what she told him out of the following eight options?

  1. Kyle's is bigger than yours.
  2. You'll find your missing stripe of white hair someday.
  3. Guy told me that you once stroked his tash.
  4. You'll find your model 23348AD undercarriage part someday.
  5. Barry said that he wasn't the fastest man alive, you were. Hint-hint!
  6. You'll find your hat someday.
  7. The Guardian said that you both have blue balls.
  8. You'll find yourself someday.

Nuff said. 

GREEN LANTERN #38 GREEN LANTERN #38 Reviewed by David Andrews on January 27, 2015 Rating: 5
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