The Dark Corners You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. And I'm telling you why. Robin and Graham are going to come round your house and kick your bloody head in. OK. I must admit. Not 'kick-kick' per-say. But rather inform you about what is what in the world of horror, fantasy, and gore-gore-gore. Want to know more? Then please check this out. 

1) What are your own origins? Plus what path did you take in life prior to getting to where you are today?   ROBIN: I don’t know much about my ‘origins’, but my love of film comes from my Mum’s side of the family, who are all film buffs. I still have several film books (and a couple of videos) that belonged to my Grandpa, including Alan Frank’s classic horror texts. How did I get where I am today? Consistently making the wrong decision in any given situation.

GRAHAM: Big question to start. I was hoping to give one word answers. So in part, what are my origins? My mum's vagina. What path did I take? I am currently in bed and I walked up the stairs and took a left.

2) What inspired you to create the ‘Dark Corners Reviews’ vlog?   ROBIN: Obviously MST3K was an influence, combined with a genuine passion for film and film history. Basically Graham said he wanted a project that would harness my rage.

GRAHAM: True. Robin has anger issues which I find funny, and thought this would be a great way to harness his anger away from tables which are frequently making contact with his head.

MST3K3) Off the top of your head, what would you say are the top five horror movies of all time.   ROBIN: Off the top of my head: Bride of Frankenstein, The Wickerman, Cat People, Kwaidan, Evil Dead. But those are all personal favourites and I might say something completely different tomorrow.

GRAHAM: Not sure if they are the best, but they work for me: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tale of Two Sisters, Evil Dead, The Exorcist and The Care Bears Movie.

4) Same question as before, yet bottom five horror movies of all time.   ROBIN: Monster A-Go-Go, Face of the Screaming Werewolf, Werewolves on Wheels (purely cos it fails to deliver on the title), you can’t not mention Manos-The Hands of Fate, and Wizard of Gore is a personal nemesis, I absolutely hate it.

GRAHAM: Depends how to define bottom, the worst sin a film can commit is to be boring, so while many of the films we review are terrible on every single level, they are not boring. I forget the boring films and we never get around to reviewing them.

5) What song would you say best represents your vlog and why?   ROBIN: King Kong by the Kinks. It's a great song that nobody has heard but they’d love it if they did. Plus King Kong is a favorite film of mine.

GRAHAM: Our theme to series 3 "Don't Fear the Reaper". We just make these things because we love it. More views would be nice however.

Bela Lugosi
6) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your wares, who would you choose, and why would you want to choose this particular person?   ROBIN: I think it would have to be Bela Lugosi, just because I feel like we owe him one for all the fun we’ve had at his expense. Or Lon Chaney Junior for the same reason.

GRAHAM: Sad thing is if they were alive both Bela and Lon would probably promote us for the promise of expenses and all you can eat from the catering table. Personally I would pick Jesus, cos he already has a lot of followers.

7) What have you learnt about yourself through this endeavour?   ROBIN: That I don’t mind ‘bad’ films but I can’t stand boring ones. Also that I take a real pleasure in creating something and getting it out there for people to see. No matter how silly and disposable that something is.

GRAHAM: My plan to make a YouTube series to pay for my retirement was not my best plan.

8) If ‘DCR’ had a motto, what would it be?   ROBIN: You've got to really love films to get this angry about them.

GRAHAM: "Do what you love, even if you suck at it".

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And on that note, dear reader, all I have left to do is thank Robin and Graham for telling us about their amazing vlog, 'Dark Corners', as well as direct you towards their facebook, twitter, and youtube pages.

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