Look out DC, because in the month of February, 2015, your comic book covers are going to be attacked by Harley Quinn. So go on. Get Billy Tan and Mark Irwin to wave their white flags. Or ask Robert Venditti to pendulate his white sock. It won't matter. Nothing will ever matter. Ever, ever again!

To QUOTE Benjamin Franklin: 'It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it'.

Once upon a time being a member of the Green Lantern Corps' stood for something good, something reputable, something righteous even.

However, within recent years a spate of cross-over events has strangely turned their reputation into crap. Going so far as to provoke an army of space-cops to tell Hal Jordan to take a hike, even after he saves their sector from a gang of mining thieves.

But don't worry though. Sooner or later I'm sure Hal will be able to turn this all around. Especially since he's now got the Guardian of the Universes seal of approval.

Now if you're a lover of dynamic and expressive looking art-work, complemented by a story-line that's basically a set-up for things to come, then my God, have I got a great issue of Green Lantern for you.

Honestly, comic book fans. In general terms this narrative relates to the Corps' current flagging reputation, and how the leader of the Corps', Hal (aren't I wonderful) Jordan, is then asked by the Guardians to sort this problem out on their behalf.

Of course, with this being a superhero themed title, the tale in question also presents the usual type of superhero shenanigans. Like the bold character interplay for instance (especially between Hal, Kilowog, plus the Guardians), the vast cinematic action sequences (mainly that one I will refer to in the next section), plus -- surprise-surprise -- lovely clean and crisp visuals devised by Billy Tan and Mark Irwin, as well as some spot on dialogue exchanges written by Robert Venditti.

But do you know what I loved about this issue the most? Well, without giving too much away, I must admit, that I did like that closing scene between Hal and the Guardians, and how he was expecting them to tell him one thing, where as in actuality they told him something else.

Do you want to know what I'm talking about? Then please, by all means, pick up this great-great issue.

This tale started off with a great sequence that led to the Guardians of the Universe asking for Hal Jordan to come to their chamber. But instead of him coming to them straight away, before that he had to deal with another situation involving a group of renegade minors.

OK. You got all that? Good. So what I want you to know is that even though I didn't have a direct problem with the scene in itself. What I did have a problem with was how the second sub-plot delayed the telling of the first sub-plot. Almost as if the order the tale was told in was to deliberately tease the reader.

Not a bad-bad thing, mind you.

Do you think it would be a bit too obvious if I musically matched up this adventure to the Joan Jett song, 'Bad Reputation'? No. No you don't think it would be too obvious! Why thank you dear reader. That's very kind of you.

In 1999, a farmer from Norfolk, England, called Tony Martin, was sentenced to prison for defending his property from a burglar who was in the process of stealing his stuff. According to the courts Mister Martin used excessive force against the thief, who he regrettably shot dead amidst this kafuffle, and thusly, had to spend some time inside to pay for his actions. 

So yeah. You could safely say that farmer Tony and this comic book has a lot in common when it comes to their reputations being spoilt. Thematically speaking of course.

Nearing the end of this book the Guardians say something to Hal Jordan that he finds rather surprising. So just for fun -- ideally -- let's see if you can guess what they say to him out of the following eight options?

  1. Pull my finger.
  2. Do you know of a good hairdresser who does reasonable discounts for blue midgets?
  3. How do you feel about your ex banging a younger fella?
  4. Can you direct me to a porn midget site?
  5. Generally our genitals clash because not all our bodies are covered in blue skin!
  6. How much does it cost to get your fathers jacket dry cleaned?
  7. Will you help us reclaim the Corps good name?
  8. Can you please explain to us the purpose of Kim Kardashian?
Nuff said.

GREEN LANTERN #39 GREEN LANTERN #39 Reviewed by David Andrews on March 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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