Casino Royale, 2006, James Bond With Gun There are many factors that play a part in making as film a box office hit or a huge flop, one of the most vital of which is the characters in the film. In order to grip an audience the characters must be believable and transport is to the era of which the film is set. With CGI now meaning we can be transported to past eras with ease, the range of movies available is incredible.

We can now take a single event and look at how it has developed through time. If we take a look at the casino scene in the movies we can see how it can be portrayed as a tense game in a western saloon or a light hearted game in Vegas. 

To celebrate the impact of how characters are depicted in casino films, Ladbrokes Casino has put together a quiz for you to find out which era you would be best suited to! Would you be a swinging Trent or the cool collected Bret Maverick?

To show how some of our favourite characters are portrayed in films from the eras we have placed a few below to look at:

Gladiator, 2000
THE ROMAN: Commodus (Gladiator, 2000)

The Romans were renowned for taking huge risks when it came to gambling, staking wagers on everything from slaves, to money, to cattle. But it’s in Gladiator where we see the true corruption of Roman gambling, through the Emperor Commodus. He places the biggest gamble of them all – betting his own life as he faces off against the gladiator Maximus. Commodus knows the only way he can win is through cheating, so he takes a knife to his opponents shoulder before the fight and leaves Maximus wounded before they commence battle. Even through his crooked and corrupt ways, Commodus comes out second best and is killed first, highlighting if you cheat you have to face the consequences.

Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryTHE SWINGER: Austin Powers (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, 1997)

With three films already under his belt, Austin Powers is recognised as one of the great comic figures in modern day cinema and is a cult figure amongst many movie lovers. Power’s first adventure sees him come against one of the men he is tracking – Number Two. The scene is set at the blackjack table of a casino, where Number Two has scored the perfect 21 score thanks to his laser eye patch. But the plucky Powers fancies his chances, turning down the opportunity of another card and sticks of 5. He famously uses the line “I also like to live dangerously”, before losing the hand and his stake. His laid back swinger mentality is there for all to see, take the wins and takes the losses.

Roger Moore As Bond, Asian Film Poster
THE PLAYER: James Bond (Casino Royale, 2006)

Whether you prefer Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan as 007, there is no denying that James Bond is the epitome of cool. The secret agent is always the best dressed man in the room, and his charisma and character showcase all the attributes seen in the Player. During Casino Royale, we see Bond coming up against Le Chiffre, the terrorist he is trying to stop, at a game of poker. In classic Bond style, he keeps his cool at the gaming table, and inevitably claims the cash prize. Since Daniel Craig took over as the new 007, he has brought a new found style to the character and making him more like the stereotypical Player.