Rachel Faulkner One of the most in-demand models in America, let alone a rarely unemployed actress, Rachel Faulkner, has clearly got the entertainment industry by the short and curlys. In this exclusive interview we talk to the beautiful, multi-talented model come actress about her hit series, Hillbilly Horror Show, her upcoming movies, and her desire to play Catwoman!

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1) Hi Rachel. Sorry we didn't catch you at Comic-Con this year. So what did you get up to while you were over there?  I was working for TruTV’s series Impractical Jokers! I’m helping facilitate their gallery’s activations. However, I was also in town to see San Diego during its prime and network with its industry professionals.

Funny Rachel Faulkner
2) Are you a superhero fan, and if you are, who would you play if you could?   I am, and I would love to play Catwoman if I could.

3) Have you ever auditioned for a superhero part?   I have not, but I would love to in the future. There is something about combat training for a role that gets me excited.

4) You’re based in Hollywood, so I imagine there’s a lot of competition out there for any part you’re going for, whether it be TV or film?   Yeah! I do live in Los Angeles. There is certainly a lot of competition in TV and film. That’s precisely why it’s so important to keep up with your skills and practice.

5) And does it work like that in modelling, too? Or are you called upon because of your charming portfolio?   There’s a lot of competition in Los Angeles for the modeling industry as well. Personally, I deal with more competition because I’m on the shorter side. Occasionally, you are called upon because of just your portfolio. But most clients still want an in-person casting.

Sexy Rachel Faulkner6) What would you consider your big break in both modelling and acting?   I would say my role on Ride Along 2 was my biggest break in my acting career thus far. However, I did just book two lead roles in feature films that are substantial as well. My biggest break in my modeling career was nailing a back cover ad on national magazine, Tathaastu, for a jewelry campaign.

7) I'd say Hillbilly Horror Show is doing well. So is there any more DVDs coming out?   There will be more DVDs to come! We are currently in the process of gearing up to film for more volumes.